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Prismatic Spider
Personal Information
Real Name Prismatic Spider
Code Name Phaeton
Race Reploid
Gender Male (?)
Creator/s UN Research Team
Serial Number PS001-112358132134
Faction QUILL
Divisions Seraphim
Function Revolutionary
Assignment Upgrades for...
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Science, Chaos Agentry
Secondary Specialty Black Operations, Hacking, More Science
Weapons Hypertech
Primary Clock Down
Type Energy
Secondary Conviction Subtank
Type Energy
Buster Colors Black & Silver
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Brent Spiner
Theme Song Pygmalion's Dream - The Cruxshadows

Character Data

"In this world, justice comes from the barrel of a gun. The problem is no one is willing to use it on the right people."


The Spider Scientist was once a celebrated member of Repliforce, but events in his past led him to come to the decision to leave his former allies in pursuit of forces that he believes are working behind the scenes to extend the conflict of the Robot Wars indefinately. To this end he had established the paramilitary terrorist group Nephilim, working from the shadows to cripple the powers of the world and force them to reveal themselves. Prismatic is known to be intelligent, direct, and very intense, willing to defend his beliefs to the death. Despite this, some idealism remains... But for how long?


We Are The Sun And The Chariot, A Thing Goes Away, But Comes Back Someday, Falling Down, All Old Gods Must Die, This World Needs To Be Reset, Stand Tall And Shake The Pillars Of Heaven, The Price Of Progress, The Future Lies In The Flame, Never To Be Collared Again, The Circle Continues On, The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same, Maverick, Doomed



Prismatic's Creations:



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