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Pugilation Man
Personal Information
Real Name Pugilation Man
Code Name The Pug
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Wily
Birth Date 2212
Serial Number DWN-020
Faction Independent
Function Just One Mech
Assignment Save the Queen
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Fisticuffs
Weapons Fists
Primary Pugilation Fist
Type Physical
Secondary Gentleman's Challenge
Type Physical
Buster Colors Green & Grey. Moustache & monocle optional.
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Like a Chap - Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer
Theme Song

Character Data

"Have at, villain!"


Pugilation Man is a freed Robot Gentleman who resembles Hard Man, but his rigorous code of honor makes him much different than his "double". Once a Robot Gentleman, Pugilation Man heroically fought Ra Moon to defend Roll, and was accepted by the Irregulars after a short period of soul-searching. Pugilation Man had a great personal loyalty to Epsilon, keeping the gentle giant in the Irregulars even as the situation worsened. After Lumine's coup, Pugilation Man's honor compelled him to depart, seeing to the safe passage of his comrades Time Man and Oil Man to the Hunters. Pugilation Man now fights for the forces of righteousness, a mission he always seemed destined to pursue. Where his Master counterpart trained extensively in professional wrestling, Pugiliation Man is a fan of the sweeter science - boxing. Unlike the theatrical conventions of wrestling, boxing is a sport of gentlemen. Pugilation Man believes all fights should be by the book, and loves to challenge his foes to duels provided they understand that hitting below the belt is quite unacceptable in such a challenge. He despises any but the most limited ranged combat: "blasting" one's foes is not gentlemanly. However, he is quite willing to single out the strongest foe in an attacking force to save his other comrades the trouble of the duel. Pugilation Man has an absurd handlebar moustache of which he is quite prideful.


Speaking Proper English, Honorable To A Fault, Ridiculous Handlebar Moustache (of Justice), Ballroom Dancing, Perfect Gentleman, His Scones Are To Die For, Trying To Find Time To Assemble A Barber Shop Quartet, (Probably) Not Robot Dudley, Delivering Gentlemanly Wallops To Villainous Curs, Boxing - Marquess of Queensberry Rules, Saving The World One Punch At A Time, The Pug




The Pug



  • 2226-10-01: The Lost City of Lemuria - Lemuria rises up from the sea.
  • 2226-10-07: Fortress Lemuria - Sera makes her move on Lemuria. Can Yomiel use the power of friendship to save the day?
  • 2227-07-23: Pride of Detroit - In the post-cyberpocalypse, a heroine rises to unite the world.