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Pump Man
Pump Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Serial Number DWN-074
Faction Robot Masters
Function Water Mistreatment
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Water (mis)treatment and relocation.
Secondary Specialty Disgruntlement.
Weapons Spherical drops of water produced through pump system arranged in a shield, the handle on his head.
Primary Water Shield
Type Force Water
Secondary Handlerang
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 10
Theme Song

Character Data

"Fresh from the tap!"


A robot built to resemble an ancient water pump, the once-named "Mr. Pump" assisted local communities concerning water usage and safety alongside work at a water treatment facility. A neat freak at heart, much of his free time was spent cleaning graffiti out of irritation rather than good will. This caught the attention of the Mouse after the Ragnarok obliterated his employers... and promptly went downhill. His new job as a water slide operator was miserable, unable to keep up with with the pollutants young children often brought into pools. Following being fired entirely for ruining the Water Race in 2223, he joined up with Dr. Wily and was equipped with a system which magnetizes liquid matter collected into dense spheres that protect against attacks. This weapon, the "Water Shield," can also be repelled outwards in a deadly expanding wave by the same means. Now named Pump Man, he makes the most of his form, able to move water at great speed as well as wield the detachable handle atop his head with surprising proficiency. While grateful for his new lot in life, he can't help but feel many of the same frustrations among his new brothers in cleaning up after their own messes. To try and ease his tensions, he is happy to dispense WilyBeer and nacho cheese through himself - something the rest are reluctant to consume due to the disgusting conditions he often works in.


Cleanliness, Water Treatment, These Pipes... Are Clean!, Pumping Water, Pumping Anything At All Really, Water Shield May Contain Traces Of Liquids Not Actually Water, Recycling Wastewater Into Delicious(?) Beverages And Sauces, Unorthodox Weapon Mastery: Own Headpiece, "You're A Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Little Boy - 'Cause You Know Why? - You Get To Drink From... The Water Pump!"




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