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Purprill Mandroid
Purprill Mandroid.jpg
Personal Information
Race Pseudoroid
Gender Male
Function The Really Annoying Boss
Assignment Find the Bananas
Technical Specifications
Primary Purple Bomb
Type Explosive
Secondary Monkey Spin
Type Physical
Buster Colors Purple & Green
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Voice Actor Prince
Theme Song Dial M For Monkey

Character Data

"Ook? You're actually going to fight me?"


Purprill Mandroid is Dr. Psyche's fault. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Psyche and Dr. Stevenson, Purprill's personality was primarily coded by Dr. Psyche. Whether it was out of a deep and abiding hatred for everyone else or an expression of Psyche's Blackguard nature, Purprill became one of the most hated killer robot types: The childlike idiot. Talkative without actually having anything useful to say, Purprill generates a constant aura of irritation without actually seeming to know any better. Psychologically incapable of understanding why he is actually obnoxious, Purprill enjoys playing with his prey before brutally killing it. A contortionist, Purprill can also mange to wiggle his way through small gaps, as well as being able to extend his arms to reach far-off things. The addition of bombs to Purprill's arsenal makes him a threat to everyone around him. Doggedly obedient to his masters, Purprill is a crime against robotkind and good taste.