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Queen Ophiuca
Queen Ophiuca.jpg
Personal Information
Race FMian
Gender Neuter (Female)
Faction FMian
Divisions Renegade
Function Infiltrator
Technical Specifications
Primary Gorgon Eye
Type Energy
Secondary Terror Eye
Type Energy
Buster Colors Purple and Green
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 1
Theme Song

Character Data

"How naive can you slow matter creatures be?"


Queen Ophiuca has decided to neither help nor hinder the FMian attack on Earth. An infiltrator, Ophiuca uses treachery and manipulation to get what she wants, often tricking slower or younger FMians into helping her achieve her goals. Ophiuca met her match in Luna Platz, an opponent she could not overpower. The two have developed a grudging respect for each other's strength over several 'incidents', Ophiuca has a rivalry with Queen Virgo, whose brute force methods do not appeal to the more sophisticated tactics used by Ophiuca in crushing her enemies. While she may not truly understand the power of friendship, her desire to destroy the Earth and its people has been significantly muted by her ongoing relationship with Luna Platz. Her relationship with Omega-Xis remains 'ambiguous' at best, with their history together never having been made entirely clear.


Anti-Villain?, Ambiguously Evil, May Prove Blondes Are Evil, Would-Be Corruptor, Femme Fatale Or Vamp?, Enables The Dark Magical Girl, No Badgers, No Mushrooms, Final Destination