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Personal Information
Real Name Quindici
Code Name Quin
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s Prismatic Spider
Birth Date Mid 2224
Serial Number PSN-015
Faction QUILL
Divisions Ofanim
Function Sharpshooter
Assignment Be Adorable
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Water
Secondary Specialty Corrosive
Weapons Guns
Primary Freischutz Bullet
Type Water
Secondary Magic Bullet Theory
Type Corrosive
Buster Colors White & Midnight Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song 'I Want Candy' by Bow Wow Wow

Character Data

"Quindici didn't do anything wrong, did she?"


PSN-015 is just a number, however, it's a meaningful number for the Reploid known as Quindici. The fifteenth and one of the newest member of Prismatic Spider's PrismBots, she came into the world when her creator had just left Repliforce to create Nephilim. This action resulted in Quin's retiring from the world to grow and expand her abilities so that when she felt ready, she could help Nephilim against those that would stop them. Now that she feels ready, she's finally stepped up to help. A undeniably quirky Reploid, she's very curious about the world around her now that she's willing to go face it. Quindici cares for her family and her faction, and is happy to protect them even if it sometimes involves getting dirty. After all, if you have fun doing it, what's the problem in doing it?


The Little Sister And We Mean That Physically(At Least For The Humanoid Siblings), Probably Older Than Her Years, Probably Wiser Than Her Years, Realistically She Shouldn't Be Able To Get Into That Much Trouble That Fast, But When Has Life Ever Been Realistic?, Meaningful Name, Cute Bruiser, Snipe Snipe Snipe Away, Gently Down The Stream, Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily, Life Is But A Dream, Everyone Has Their Little Quirks, Quindici In Third Person! (Ha Ha, Ha), Quindici Just Wants Pants, A Decent Pair Of Pants


When one is hooked up to a neural net and asked for a name, description, and what one would like to do with your life, it’s kind of hard to pick everything at once. With the HeraCorp method that Prismatic Spider uses for the Prismbots, sometimes it takes time. When Quin was first asked this, she went ‘do I have to pick noooooow?’ When told no, she retreated back into the world of the neural net, to take her time.

Of course, just sitting there gets pretty damn boring.

When Prismatic Spider finally came back to her neural net, Quindici had finally made up her mind - Quindici was going to be Quindici, and Quindici wanted to be shades of blues and whites, like water flowing in water, and Quindici had picked up a subtle trait of wanting to be combat capable, even if it meant standing in back and yelling out directions to the rest of her family.

Of course, then there’s her subset routines, labeled, in a word: ‘fun’

Quindici, when she had relayed her requests on, had a moment of ‘wriggle-around’ excitement: while she couldn’t do much but absorb knowledge, absorb it did, so even though she was officially finished mid 2224(just a year ago); she had started her learning early. Since her official creation, she’s spent her time developing her talents and skills so she just won’t be flailing around uselessly (and having quite a bit of fun in the process.)

Of course, all things considered, she came in during a time when a lot of things are 'absolutely crazy', especially with Nephilim and Prismatic Spider. With this in mind, she took herself off of the world's 'neural net' for awhile, continuing her training: she understood that she didn't need to be on the front lines now, and to do so would be a gigantic risk not only to her 'family' but to the faction as a whole.

She took advantage of this to continue learning more about Nephilim and what her creator was doing, especially considering that some of the PrismBots actively chose to stay in Repliforce instead of coming into Nephilim with Prismatic Spider. This caused her some confusion, and was a major reason as to why she stayed off of the world's radar for awhile - she doesn't like to make choices hastily, especially in this case.

So she sat, and learned, and taught herself about the world. She researched what various goals were for various factions, and about people, before she finally made the big step only just a short couple of months ago to join Nephilim. Now that she has, she gets to face the world.

Of course, now the world gets to pass judgement on her... Hang on for the crazy ride. Or don’t. Either one is fine with Quindici.


  • Yes, she's the Fifteenth member and current newest of the PrismBots. She may be the last for awhile, mainly because creation time Prismatic Spider has available is rather limited.
  • Pixie Stix are a no. If you see her eating one, run.
  • Shinobi/Shenobi Pixie? Yes. Just without the wings.


  • Liable to shoot you in the face, then hug you.