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Quinn Sakurazaki
Personal Information
Real Name Quinn Sakurazaki
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Independent
Function Ordinary Rich Girl
Technical Specifications
Primary Personal Defense Field
Type Energy
Secondary Weirdly Accurate Tennis Serve
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Azure Striker Gunvolt
Theme Song

Character Data

"I just want to help however I can."


As the illegitimate child of a powerful and wealthy patriarch, Quinn grew up in a special kind of isolation. She lived apart from her father's family and was handled by a series of caretakers who left her as their contracts ended. After a particularly kind caretaker died in the middle of her contract, Quinn staged a quiet rebellion by refusing to cooperate with anyone else sent to watch her. When she asked to be allowed to live on her own, her father surprisingly agreed. Quinn lives extremely well on her stipend but struggles to find something meaningful that she can dedicate herself to. Being raised apart from normal life and without long-term friends can often make Quinn seem out of touch or awkward, but her emotional warmth and desire to care for others usually wins people over quickly.


Unbelievably Nice, (CRASH), Update: Unbelievably Nice and Clumsy, Infinite History of Abandoned Hobbies, Infinite Future of Upcoming Hobbies, Secret Tennis Ace, Putting Meat on Bones, Secret Piano Ace, Martial Arts Knowledge (High), Martial Arts Ability (Low), Secret Ballet Ace, Nascent Comic Book Fan Please Save Her, Secret Fear Ace (Being Alone), Obsessive Food Tracking, No Really She Even Records the Vitamin and Mineral Amounts For Optimum Nutrition, And Yet Her Cooking Tastes Great What Witchcraft Is This, SUMO! WRESTLERS! IN! SPAAACE!




  • 2231-02-25: Reaper, Reaper - Joint forces of Versus and QUILL set an ambush for a strange hacker in September Record. Things go very wrong.

Cut Scenes