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Personal Information
Code Name Quint
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date October 27, 2204
Serial Number RKN 004
Faction Robot Masters
Function Rock Killer Antagonist
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Pogo Assault
Secondary Specialty Being Annoying
Weapons Sakugarne, Quint Buster, Quint Sabre
Primary Sakugarne
Type Blade
Secondary Explosive Bouncing
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Green & Green-Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman II
Voice Actor TBD
Theme Song TBD

Character Data

"I will crush my enemi-OW! Quit it!"


Created by Dr. Wily using a variation on Blues' design specifications, Quint used to be very powerful. Wily was forced to rebuild him after he was defeated by Protoman in a battle that severed the mental link with his weapon, Sakugarne. He still talks like he has all his powers -- he can't control his mouth and is under the delusion that he is more powerful than everyone, except when that particular person is around him. In reality, Quint is an annoying, whiny braggart with no real power to back up his threats, and although an Elite Master, his extremely childish demeanour renders him unable to take control of situations. An object of ridicule and the butt of practical jokes, Quint insists that one day he will regain his former power and get revenge on his tormentors. He hates Protoman, even now that he's been rebuilt as Dark Man, and blames him for his troubles. Sakugarne is Quint's equally pathetic (though usually considered to be slightly less pathetic) partner, a semi-intelligent cross between a jackhammer and a pogo stick which is extremely agile and able to bounce great heights and distances at speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour. It is capable of performing such feats as punching holes through titanium and drilling through solid rock. While Sakugarne is nearly impervious to attack, Quint is not especially durable and can easily be subdued if separated from it. Possessing a plasma blaster he prefers not to use and a beam sabre he wields rather ineffectively, Quint relies almost entirely on Sakugarne in combat and is relatively vulnerable to distant attack. For fun, slap Quint off his pogo stick when he's riding it and watch him whimper.


Boasts, Being Annoying, Whining, Lying, Complaining, Snitching, Pogo Riding, Protoman Clone, Little Brother of the Robot Masters, Respect Mah Authoritah, Sunglasses At Night, Cross-Dressing Badly




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