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The Eclipse
Martian Superweapon
Martian Superweapon
Personal Information
Real Name Rahmun Master System
Race Reaverbot
Gender Neuter
Creator/s The Master
Creation Date Prehistory
Death September 25, 2223
Faction Blackguard
Function Destruction Of All Life
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Total War
Secondary Specialty Massively Quantum Computer
Weapons Vast intellect, godlike control of matter and energy, minions, thralls
Primary Totality
Type Force
Secondary Penumbra
Type Energy
Buster Colors Black and Red
OOC Information
Game Super Adventure Rockman
Voice Actor David Kaye (Apocalypse)
Theme Song [[theme::Two Steps From Hell - Nemesis]]

Character Data

"In silence, there is perfection."


Ra Moon was an ancient evil kept only fitfully sealed. It was created to end a bloody and violent war on Mars before the dawn of man on Earth. But while intended to be a peacemaker, Ra Moon took its mandate to mean that it should end war by removing its root cause: Life. It took a desperate alliance of philosopher-scientists and heroes led by the champion Procyon to defeat Ra Moon, and Mars was nearly destroyed by the end of their campaign. Even then, Ra Moon was not destroyed, only sealed away. From its containment vessel, Ra Moon took pleasure in the Stardroid razing of Mars thousands of years later and the fall of Procyon. It waited in silence for millenia to be released once again. Albert Wily's rogue machines, in their folly, released Ra Moon in our time, and once more, an apocalyptic war was needed to seal it away. When it was liberated for the second and last time by Vile, it took the strength of the entire world and the ancient power of Excalibur to finally bring it to an end. Coldly rational, Ra Moon wielded nearly godlike power over matter and energy. Its core was a seemingly indestructible energy waveform. Most dangerously, it had the power of "Soul Erasure", allowing it to utterly destroy a sapient mind. Ra Moon was more than willing to use both humanity's and robotkind's weaknesses against them, luring fools into bargains with it for transient power in return for obedience. Much wickedness was done by Ra Moon's Blackguards before they were finally put down. The scars of their works are still felt today.


The Adversary, The Enemy, The Chained, Last Child Of Mars, En Sabah Nur, As Terrible And Beautiful As The Dawn, UNKILLABLE, IMMORTAL, INFINITE LIVES