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Personal Information
Real Name Federico Fulci
Code Name Raffinato
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Technical Specifications
Primary Show Stopper
Type Force
Secondary Sospiro Di Morte
Type Blade
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Cinema doesn't give you what to desire - it tells you how to desire!"


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  • 2229-07-13: 'Loves Company' Pt. 1 - Versus tracks down a missing actress, leading them to an old TV network building in Warsaw. They encounter a psychotic killer and GENOCIDE troopers looking to deter their efforts!
  • 2229-07-20: 'Loves Company' Pt. 2 - Versus finally tracks down Adalheid Fassbinder, kidnapped German actress, to Istanbul - where the eccentric filmmaker and former Maverick Raffinato awaits them with...a full course Italian dinner?
  • 2229-10-09: Unwanted Guest - Theseus pays a visit to Raffinato at his base in the Pathe Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam. Cordial conversation ensues.
  • 2229-11-18: Fireside Chat - Raffinato makes some small talk with his new boss, Jedah Dohma, at the cult's countryside retreat.
  • 2230-01-14: GENOCIDE Robotropolis Raid - GENOCIDE and Ben Kavinsky assault Robotropolis.
  • 2230-01-31: Hell In A TriCell - The Fourth Empire strikes TriCell with the help of the Hand of Makai cult.
  • 2230-02-25: Cargo Vs Hayato - Hayato Kanzaki and Cargo have a duel.
  • 2230-03-17: Fireside Chat 2 - Raffinato and Jedah Dohma have another meeting in their headquarters.
  • 2230-05-01: Applied Necromancy And You - Gate teaches us about Biometals. A few AWESOME IDEAS are brainstormed.
  • 2230-05-05: I'm A Human I Eat Meat - Versus finally tracks the source of the mysterious drug peddled by the cultists, while at the same time, a swinging party is being held by rich idiots and featuring a guest appearance by Arthur Rutgers, high profile internet showman and the only guy speaking the truth in the entire universe. Surely nothing will come of these two things. Be there, location TBD.
  • 2230-05-23: My Dinner With Andruw - Andruw Nisse gets a special dinner date with an old foe, Raffinato.
  • 2230-06-02: Ashes - The Fourth Empire has taken a special interest in a temple on Klondike. The newly allied Zelkin leads a team to investigate.
  • 2230-06-10: Science-Emperor Bilstein - The Fourth Empire's Klondike project approaches its culmination. The Science-Emperor's faith in Gore has faltered enough so that Bilstein is coming to finish the job himself. And he brought friends.
  • 2230-08-11: The Battle For Zeta - Part 2 - The final confrontation between Emperor Bilstein and the forces of Omega.
  • 2230-10-20: The Infernal Scrolls - Raffinato, the Hand and Stevenson show up to cause trouble in the Himalayas.
  • 2230-10-29: Earth Red As Blood - The Hand and GENOCIDE attacks a sleepy village in China. Unexpected opposition arrives to stop them!
  • 2230-11-14: Small Stick - On an expedition to SPACE LANKA to hack a server building and rescue it's IT staff, Blueside is run through MURDERWORLD by the maniacal Arcade!
  • 2230-12-15: Very Merry X-mas - One of Grave's newest allies, a hotshot bounty hunter out of Paris, is hosting a charity event to benefit a sports center built for disadvantaged and displaced European youth. The Girls of Grave have offered to do some bartending. For the kids.
  • 2231-02-08: Jedah's Council - Raffinato calls a meeting among the high council members of The Hand, with Jedah Dohma presiding. Special guest: Dr. Stevenson.
  • 2231-02-27: Funeralopolis - To open their campaign against the Unified Army and allies, The Hand of Makai decides to go hard and attempt to detonate several bombs at UN HQ in Paris. You know, keeping things light.
  • 2231-05-28: A Man's Most Crushing Loss - Through no fault of Omni Bass' own, the world of 2241 is reset.
  • 2231-06-28: Killers from Space - Another gang of marauding space bandits attacks Neo-Tokyo looking for Adepts. But why, though?

Cut Scenes


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