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Personal Information
Real Name Rafflesian
Code Name Princess
Race Bioroid
Gender Female
Birth Date March 21 2218
Serial Number SRN - 001
Function Superstar Wannabe
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Pop Star
Secondary Specialty Weather Manipulator
Weapons Staff, Belladonna, Weather, and Heart
Primary Sunburst
Type Fire
Secondary Ultra Giga Blizzard
Type Ice
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Theme Song

Character Data

"It's time for your punishment! Behold, the myriad magical moves of the wondrous Super Idol, Rafflesian!"


A bioroid built by master Maverick botanist Spike Rosered, Rafflesian has attained her dream of becoming a pop idol. Used by the Grandmaster's PR department, she's marketted to the youth of the Grandmaster's territories as an early indoctrination efforts, often singing songs in praise of the ancient master and teaching kids slogans of the empire to help ensure loyalty and compliance at a young age. Because of her role in the public image, Rafflesian has a slightly better lot in life then most robots in the Great Serpent's service and this often makes her unpopular with other former Mavericks whom consider her to be a traitor to the old cause. Rafflesian is still as deceptively powerful as ever, with a pair of Belladona 'clones' and powerful weather control techniques. Still a primadonna, she has found a mutually hated rival in Lurerre Abyssroid.


Merengue, Disco, Virginia Reel, One-Two Step, Cha-Cha, Waltz Tango Foxtrot?, Flower Child, The Next American Idol, Weather Control, Solar-Powered, Good For The Environment, Good For What Ails You, There Was A Little Girl Who Had A Little Curl..., Moody As ****, Stalkerish, Obsessive Compulsive, Sadistic, Honestly Kind Of Creepy, The Anti-Cinnamon, Unlimited Cosmic Power - Little Tiny Body




Cut Scenes