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Rain Turtle
Rain Turtle.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Rainy Turtleoid
Code Name Rain Turtle
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date June 2215
Serial Number GBN-008
Email (official) (public)
Faction Unified Army
Function Heavy Defense
Assignment Reserve Marines
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Heavy Defense
Secondary Specialty Crowd Control
Primary Meteor Rain
Type Water
Secondary Ensuizan
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Theme Song

Character Data

"oh man i can't believe i ate all the häagen-dazs"


Hardly the brightest soul, you can blame Rain Turtle for being slow in body and of wit, but he makes up for it in heart. A loyal soldier, through and through, he would gladly give his life for his comrades, and has a good-natured streak that helps him to easily make friends. Rain doesn't hold grudges, and is mild-tempered, though he won't shirk from battle if called to fight. His primary function is defense, taking blows for other combatants, and wielding his devastating Meteor Rain, a powerful rain of giant balls of water. Many reploids fear his size and power, and sometimes Rain forgets his own strength, but he'd gladly go through any toil to do his job to the best of his ability.


Slow And Steady, Don't Make Him Angry, Which Way Did He Go, George, Not Really /That/ Dumb, Taking Hits For Others, Not Gamera, FRIEND TO ALL CHILDREN (except Menart)