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Ran Igarashi
Ran Igarashi.jpg
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender female
Faction Grave
Function Drunken Master
Technical Specifications
Primary Sky Cipher
Type Water
Secondary Drunken Boxing
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"I'mma not as look as I drunk. HAH!"


Ran Igarashi was supposed to be a shrine maiden. Her life was set up for her by her family well before she was born, but was disrupted by the destiny in her blood. Her Strider heritage became obvious to her family when she was growing up, and she was taken away to train in a Chinese temple with her peers. Ran had a special gift with the arts of the air, but she had a mental block that kept her from truly realizing her potential. Only when Ran would drink, and drink heavily, did she begin to show signs of real growth. A literal drunken master, Ran began to drink before she would go into battle, making her a completely unpredictable fighter. Her almost constant drunkenness had the side effect of making her disruptive and problematic to the temple, and ultimately found her put out on the street to find her own way. Ran was taken in by her cousin Tamako, and the two have been commonly seen together ever since. When not inebriated, Ran is quiet and retiring, unfailingly polite and respectful to others. Drunk, Ran is a different woman; loud, demanding, often crass and prone to saying outrageous things to anyone and everyone. Her cousin, Tamako Shiraizuki, is often grudgingly tasked with bailing her out of her latest dilemma.