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Champion Cadet
The Tank
The Tank
Personal Information
Real Name Raziya Pakhom
Code Name Raz
Race Champion
Gender Female
Creator/s Malik and Kalere Pakhom
Birth Date September 17
Serial Number ???
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Champion Corps
Function Champion Cadet
Assignment Repliforce
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Military Tactics
Secondary Specialty Novice Heroism
Weapons Gargoyle Armour, Heavy Weapons, Fists
Primary Impact Knuckle (Raz); Blast Sphere (Gargoyle)
Type Physical; Sonic
Secondary X-7 Laser Gatling (Raz); Impulse Shot (Gargoyle)
Type Energy; Force
Buster Colors Green and Blue (Raz); Blue and Black (Gargoyle)
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Working together for a better future is what Repliforce is about."


Malik Pakhom was a career UN soldier, distinguishing himself many times over the course of a long career before being killed in action at the end of the Zodiac Wars. Despite her mother's objections, his oldest daughter Raziya chose the same life for herself - or possibly even more extreme, as she volunteered to be part of the experimental Champion Project. Though a little inexperienced and still young, Raz works hard to prove that she's the equal of any, and has taken to her new career with eagerness to help save the world - exactly the kind of tasks Champion was made for. She hopes one day to make her mother accept what she's done to herself in the pursuit of a free, safe world. She pilots the variable power armour Gargoyle, suitable for both long- and short-range engagements, in pursuit of her goals.


Her Father's Daughter, Parental Disapproval, Big Family, Looking Up To Rock, And Also Colonel, Just Not For The Same Things, It's Okay - The Armour Was Supposed To Explode, Will Be A Hero Some Day, She Swears, Languages (Arabic, Swahili, English), Eager, Optimist, Asked For This




- Raz's armour, Gargoyle, is actually a relatively light suit. It has an optional layer of ultraheavy plating. Raz likes the plating. - More soon.