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Red Hell Hunter
Personal Information
Real Name Andovar Aguilar Rueda
Code Name Red Hell Hunter
Race E-Human (Neo Arcadian)
Gender Male
Faction Versus
Function Monster Hunter
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Monster Hunting, Tracking Macros, Gains
Secondary Specialty YouTube Challenges, Putting The Pieces Together To The Secret They Don't Want You To Know
Weapons Switch Axe [The Shredder]
Primary Full Electro-Discharge
Type Electric
Secondary Creeping Lightning
Type Electric
Buster Colors Red and Brown
OOC Information
Game Monster Hunter
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
Theme Song

Character Data



Andovar Aguilar Rueda and his twin brother Huey are former Neo Arcadian soldiers who deserted in the face of the army's final battle. Tempered by age and experience, they have become the (dubiously) elite Hell Hunters, the grinning faces of the A-Lister program. Now called the Red Hell Hunter as according to the Hunter's Guild nickname tradition, he is a jovial but eccentric man. Red is obsessed with conspiracy theories, a quirk developed after years of hyper-vigilance and belief that Neo Arcadia had survived and was coming for him and his brother. Red is sharper than he seems, with a quick and instinctively analytical mind that can, unfortunately, lead him to wild conclusions if unchecked. He tends to snap actions and tries to drag his over-cautious brother in his wake for better or for worse. It is nearly impossible for Red to conceal his emotions and he never turns down a dare. In addition to his enhancements, Red uses a Khezu Switch Axe he calls The Shredder which gathers his difficult-to-control Septimal power and releases it in waves of crawling electricity.


YouTuber (ALIENS), The Round-Faced One, Regular Caller, Has A Conspiracy Wall To Organize His Conspiracy Walls, Lifts To Forget, Made Primarily Out Of Big Moods, PEPE SILVIA FOUNDED BLACK SHIELD


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  • 2230-01-31: Hell In A TriCell - The Fourth Empire strikes TriCell with the help of the Hand of Makai cult.

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