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Personal Information
Real Name Classified
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s His Parents
Faction Versus
Function Performer
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Music, singing, songwriting, dancing.
Secondary Specialty Guns, ridechasers, holograms.
Weapons Tattoo cybernetics, bodymods, solid holo-emitter, plasma rifle/knives.
Primary Lovely Shot
Type Energy
Secondary Beautiful Beast
Type Energy
Buster Colors Purple & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Strive to be the person you want to be."


Growing up, Reiz followed his dreams of becoming a rock star like his idols Till Lindemann, Peter Steele, and Alice Cooper. After a debilitating attack by a hate group had left him in the hospital, he found solace in Saraband where he was encouraged to reinvent himself as a body-mod clad entertainer, armed with tattoo-cybernetics and thus, Reiz was born. In Versus, he strove to promote his message of peace and love among the races, however eccentric and flamboyant. While far from harmless, he dislikes fighting, preferring to use his abilities to protect others. His empathy and reluctance to harm Luca, who he thought was essentially a child, caused him to be captured by the Fourth Empire and cruelly experimented on by Gore Gajah. Rescued by Roll, Morrigan, and his friends, he survives as an Adept, a Lifewave manipulator. Part Human, Machine, Beast and Darkstalker, Reiz is a chimera in the truest sense now, and he'll never let someone down in need.


Cybernetic Chimera, Prismatic Vampire, Armed Literally To The Teeth, German Sparkle Party, Power Is Beautiful, And I've Got The Power!, Hypnotic Voice, Really Big Hair, The Tail Is For Balance, Undertale'ing The Shit Out Of Your Scenes, Amazing And Fabulous Outfits, Bane Of Credit Cards, Rocking Bat Ears & Cats' Eyes, Looks Great In Heels, Especially On The Battlefield, Welcome To My Nightmare, I Think You're Gonna Like it, Sonic Glaive, No, Not The Thing From Krull, Rainbow Cemetery, Escaped From The Electric Castle.


Aside from the previously mentioned, Reiz has been working with Versus for a while now. While he has been on many operations with them, specifically against the 4th empire and Genocide, he still tries to work on his music and is usually not the first one to go for the violent approach. The phrase 'make love not war' might apply here, but he doesn't refuse a fight--though he is still a musician turned Tat-cyborg--he hasn't been in conflict or seen the kinds of strange and fantastical things like some others--Ra Moon for instance. He has been spared some of the horrors due to having still been growing up when they happened, so he's sometimes unprepared or has a hard time dealing with terrifying phenomena. It's not uncommon to see him start to get a little un-cool under pressure, or be startled by horrifying things.

Casual/at home attire.


  • His non-human body parts are cybernetic mods. This includes the cat-like eyes, bat ears, imp/dragon tail, (it's forked, or spaded) as well as fangs and pointed nails.
  • Generally has little regard for outfit choices and dresses in attire of both genders.
  • His favorite musician was Peter Steele of the band Type O Negative, who like Morrison died young. As a result he has a bit of a flippant attitude toward death. (That is, his own--he's very concerned about the lives of others.)
  • Unsurprisingly not as serious or jaded as some of his peers in Versus, and can usually be found partaking in his favorite pasttimes--such as goofing off, eating, drinking--when he can get away with it--and browsing the interwebs when he's not reading or listening to music.


  • 2228-11-11: The House of Dreams - Versus moves to destroy Dragon King's slave ring. Dragon King owns an airship and isn't afraid to use it.
  • 2229-04-13: RMs in Berlin - Bass and Bright Man show up to give Europe an even HARDER time, so David Culper and Reiz show up to stop them. Bass gets more in touch with his feminine side. Elec Man reveals the truth about his SECRET DONGER.
  • 2229-05-24: From Vietnam with Love - Tien invited Versus into a deathtrap. Will they risk DEATH or will they risk avoiding a party??
  • 2229-06-07: Out of the Clear Blue Sky - Versus, sponsored by Light Labs, HeraCorp, and TriCell, holds a conference concerning the development of "Adept," a new human+ program. Luca shows up, things go real bad.
  • 2229-06-16: The Dark Man of Venus - Dark Man randomly attacks a starforce outpost on Venus. Impromptu interviews and combat ensue.
  • 2229-07-13: 'Loves Company' Pt. 1 - Versus tracks down a missing actress, leading them to an old TV network building in Warsaw. They encounter a psychotic killer and GENOCIDE troopers looking to deter their efforts!
  • 2229-07-20: 'Loves Company' Pt. 2 - Versus finally tracks down Adalheid Fassbinder, kidnapped German actress, to Istanbul - where the eccentric filmmaker and former Maverick Raffinato awaits them with...a full course Italian dinner?
  • 2229-07-30: The Strider's Birthright - Andruw meets Grandmaster Meio, who has a surprise for him.
  • 2229-07-30: The 200 Year Promise - Andruw gets shoved into a box. It leads to an extremely unlikely place.
  • 2230-01-15: Egg Hunt 3-6 - Versus battles Targent and HYDRA who are in search of another Azran Egg.
  • 2230-04-18: Pyroline Opening Night - Pyroline opens her new BINGO BOXING establishment. Reiz and Void think it's just a casino. Aurora fights a samurai. Ryan Knight gets hit on.
  • 2230-04-25: Shop Small (Or Get Big) - Luca comes down to Gaia City to get some clothes and winds up having a little destruction spree. GENOCIDE shows up to assist her, and Versus responds. Luca decides Reiz is gonna be her 'new friend'.
  • 2230-05-11: Elven Convoy Menaces Dwarves - Luca and her new friend bother the Cameron City beer garden.
  • 2230-05-19: Raising The Stakes - Reiz, Pandora and Dr. Stevenson raid a concert at the Reploid Room for 4th Empire captives. Shang Lei and Void take exception to this.
  • 2230-05-30: The Orgone Trail - In response to Versus making Luca sad, Reiz decides to bust up his former friends' Orgone farm on Cameron City. Things do not run to plan and a sacrifice is made.
  • 2230-06-08: To What End - The Fourth Empire's operations on Klondike are rapidly escalating. It's time to strike the most important military facility on the planet to find out what they're doing: The bar at the spaceport. This time, the allies get some unexpected good fortune to help them along.
  • 2230-06-10: Science-Emperor Bilstein - The Fourth Empire's Klondike project approaches its culmination. The Science-Emperor's faith in Gore has faltered enough so that Bilstein is coming to finish the job himself. And he brought friends.
  • 2230-07-08: Story of Luca - Luca moves in to attack Max Omega at Gore Gajah's behest. Can Versus save him and try to make sense to Luca once and for all...?
  • 2230-07-27: Kattelox Cookie Dance-Off - Nebulous Megatheroid and Bright Man show up with reaverbot hordes to Anthem's cafe each armed with a free sandwich coupon...? Reiz appears and challenges Bright to a DANCE OFF.
  • 2230-08-03: An Exciting Adventure - Versus travels to Mystara on a very important mission. Giants appear! Command?
  • 2230-08-04: Everyone Dies Horribly - To rescue some elves held hostage, Versus delves into a djinn's fortress in Mystara! Anthem and Reiz visit the poker tournament of the afterlife!
  • 2230-08-11: The Battle For Zeta - Part 2 - The final confrontation between Emperor Bilstein and the forces of Omega.
  • 2230-08-30: Recruiting For The Skeleton War - Another incursion from Mystara - a necromancer tries to raise an army of the dead at one of the world's largest cemeteries!
  • 2230-12-05: Buck Creek Raid - Versus, angry at the US for kidnapping Dr. Orihime, takes the law into their own hands and starts a war.
  • 2231-01-18: A Fabulous New Year - Void shows Reiz it really is a wonderful life.
  • 2231-01-24: Versus Secret Satan 2231 - Versus has their annual Secret Satan party, 2231 edition
  • 2231-02-09: America F Yeah - As part of the recent tax bill, the American government attempts to seize assets from a Light Labs-owned company in America, which in turn escalates wildly into a running battle between elite military units in the middle of Atlanta. Traffic doesn't get any worse.
  • 2231-02-15: A Non-Sequitur Attack - Morrigan's alleged mansion in Scotland is set upon by a bunch of space hooligans for unclear reasons.
  • 2231-02-28: American Exceptionalism - Over the protests of the Canadian government, another American strike team shows up to investigate a Versus-owned facility freshly moved to Windsor, Ontario. There's not even the pretense that it won't get out of control this time.
  • 2231-03-02: Kattelox Potluck - Anthem organizes a pot luck dinner among Versus to boost morale. And to scam free food in exchange for coffee.

Cut Scenes

  • 2230-05-20: Nightmares - As time wears on, the 4th Empire's machinations become more apparent to Reiz.
  • 2230-05-30: My Spirit - Reiz fights for his life following a bout of clarity and saving Roll from a ghastly end. But can he defy fate...?
  • 2230-12-25: Christmas EP - Reiz puts out a special music video. Wholesome entertainment and fun for the whole family.