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Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Cameraman/Junior Reporter
Technical Specifications
OOC Information
Game Megaman: Battle and Chase
Theme Song

Character Data

"Smile, you're on Reporto Camera!"


Reporto is Plum's primary cameraman, and an excellent friend to the wonderful woman. Aside from working as a cameraman Reporto also works to report information to people, although he is sometimes told not to since he hasn't quite reached the same level as Plum in terms of being a reporter. Reporto's sense of humor is, at times, considered completely nonsensical, and so the poor robot is laughed at for being odd more often than for being funny. Reporto is capable of flying at over 150 mph, and is also capable of lifting over 100 total pounds while in midflight. This gives Reporto a great deal of manueverability and allowance for moving heavy equipment around to areas where it is needed. His size is small, but due to his extreme speed he is considered a difficult target to hit, and so if he is ever placed into a fight he will often escape as quicky as he can. His urge to be the best cameraman possible, and to give out news unbiased will sometimes lead him into situations where he is in extreme danger.


Photography, Aerial Acrobatics, Risk Taking






  • 2217-06-29: The General - Shield Shellfish's daily life is a bit complex, despite her wishes.