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Personal Information
Real Name Requiem Wily
Race Android
Gender Female
Creator/s Dr. Wily
Creation Date 2213
Death June 10, 2213
Faction Robot Masters
Technical Specifications
Primary Requiem Buster
Type Energy
OOC Information
Theme Song


The first female Robot Master, Requiem was built in 2213 by Dr. Wily as a distaff counterpart to Bass. She was Bass's double in almost every way, except female in design. Requiem was killed barely a year after her creation when she stood in defiance of King, protecting Bass from the upstart Elite. Bass interred Requiem's body in an underwater crypt where, presumably, it still rests.


  • Even people who remember the female Robot Master squad of Cappella, Serenade, Symphony, and Synth barely remember Requiem.
  • The character was incredibly controversial OOCly for a number of reasons, not the least of which being it was seen as an admin puppet who could pull rank on all the other Masters.


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