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Rich Dotcom
Rich Dotcom.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Richard Goddamn Dotcom
Race Human
Gender Male
Function Dirty Money
Technical Specifications
Primary Ruthless Aggression
Type Physical
Secondary Goon Swarm
Type Physical
Buster Colors Pink & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"History remembers bastards because they're the ones that /matter/."


Rich Dotcom started at the top and feels he is entitled to even more. The youngest child of a large Mafia family, Rich was the beneficiary of the hard work of generations of Dotcoms (legal and otherwise). But while other members of the Dotcom syndicate worked to better themselves, the only thing Rich learned about was the tantamount importance of treachery. By sabotage, betrayal and murder, Rich fought his way to command of his family. When the Dotcom family tried to make a move on Las Vegas, Rich was swiftly brought to heel to Miss Millions. While privately resentful of his "betters", Rich nonetheless maintains his "alliance" in return for his guaranteed piece of the pie. Boorish and crass, Rich believes anything can be bought with enough money, and is sadly proven right on many occasions. Greed is Rich's primary motivator, with the potential to make a quick buck outweighing every other moral consideration. Rich has a seemingly endless number of identical-looking women in black who apparently attend to his every whim. It is believed by some close to Rich that the women are the ones who are responsible for any of Rich's important decisions.


.8 Chets





  • 2223-05-10: Transition Strategy - Rich Dotcom addresses the collapse of the Finklestein Triad.
  • 2229-05-31: Solve For X - Shane Hunter reaches a crossroads.


  • 2222-08-30: Black Swan - An FMian invader besieges Tom DuBois and AMAKEN Labs.
  • 2226-03-31: Drive It Like You Stole It - Teamwork is weaponized friendship.
  • 2227-07-05: Crescent Moon Rockman Episode 7 - Tom DuBois suffers a crisis of faith that could prove deadly for his colleagues... unless Crescent Moon Rockman and friends can save him in time?