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Ride Boar
Ride Boar.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creation Date December 4th, 2217
Serial Number GRA-005
Faction Grave
Function Surly Repairman
Assignment Reserve Logistics
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Repairing Generic Reploids
Secondary Specialty Tokyo Drifting
Primary Moving Wheel
Type Blade
Secondary Exhaust Fumes
Type Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman X7
Theme Song

Character Data

"You threw out a leg joint? Da, and vhen you ask me to replace it, you had best have a smile, tovarisch."


A gruff and uncompromising Reploid designed and built in Russia. Ride's primary function is as a repairman. Even though he has skills in robotics, he has no definitive interest in building a 'son' or anything of that nasty sort. Firmly devoted to keeping his feet... and his wheels... on the ground, Ride is of the opinion that if you can't drive there, it's not worth going. Mistrustful of teleporters, he's got an almost superstitious aversion to them. Worse, he absolutely hates flying, which has led to many situations where the rest of the team has had to trick him in order to get him on a hover transport. Unpopular, even among his own team, his abysmal bedside manner has led some to speculate he is the reason Red never had his eye repaired.


Has More Important Things To Do Than Repair You, I'd Rather Be Riding, My Other Car Is Me, The Other White Meat, What's A Bedside Manner, Dislikes Flying


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  • 2218-08-30: Paradise Lost - Gate goes Maverick -- and tries to take all his children with him.