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Emperor Rikuo
It's good to be the king!
It's good to be the king!
Personal Information
Real Name Rikuo Aulbath
Race Merman
Gender Male
Creator/s His Parents
Birth Date Unknown
Faction Unified Army
Function Emperor-In-Exile
Assignment Starting Over
Technical Specifications
Primary Ocean Rage
Type Water
Secondary Sea Rage
Type Water
Buster Colors Light Green & Green
OOC Information
Game Darkstalkers
Voice Actor Chris Hemsworth
Theme Song

Character Data

"I fight for the one I love... And I do it nobly!"


The former ruler of an undersea domain, Rikuo's people were destroyed due to the machinations of the agents of Pyron. Swearing vengeance, he found himself in Makai, only to fall under the control of Jedah Dohma. Forced to fight against the humans and reploids fighting against Dohma, he was freed due to the actions of Amoldar Cashe and his allies. With only his family left of his once-mighty people, Rikuo relocated to Earth, where he, his wife Aqueria, and their children and eggs settled into the ruins of the Martian city Lemuria. There they live peacefully, keeping in touch with the surface world as they attempt to begin their lives anew on this strange blue planet.


Strangely Attractive For A Fishman, Noble Soul, It's Good To Be The King, Even The Mammals Love Him, Flirty Without Meaning To Be, Amphibious


Once the ruler of a proud kingdom of 30,000 Mermen, Rikuo was a young but effective emperor, well loved by his people. One day, a tremendous earthquake caused an eruption beneath his city, destroying it. Rikuo was one of the only survivors, along with Aqueria, his future wife. Together they fled the ruins of their home, moving from the river to the ocean and starting a new life together.

In time, Rikuo learned that agents of a force known as Pyron were responsible for the destruction of his kingdom. He found the portal they used to enter his world, travelling to Makai to seek his vengeance. Unfortunately, Rikuo's desire for vengeance was his undoing, and he was captured by Jedah Dohma. The demon poisoned him with the venom of a Soul Bee, using the toxin to weaken him enough that he could dominate his mind and use him as a puppet in his attempt to take stately Castle Aensland.

Commanding a force of Huitzil soldiers, Rikuo attacked the castle, only to be waylaid by heroes from Earth. During the attack, Amoldar Cashe managed to pull the poisoned barb from Rikuo's gills, freeing the fish man from Dohma's control. Seeing the value of having powerful allies, Rikuo brokered a deal with the Earthlings to bring his family to Earth, where they could live in peace.

Currently Rikuo, Aqueria, his three sons and eggs live in the ruins of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean.


  • People tend to notice how attractive he is.
  • Incredibly loyal to Aqueria and his children.
  • A little rash, and can get in over his head pretty easily.
  • Slowly learning to like Earth.
  • Rikuo II (Ricky) is his oldest son. Alba is his second-oldest. Triton is his youngest.



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