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DREAMTIME Supersoldier
Personal Information
Real Name Riley Andrew Walker
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s Andrew and Emily Walker
Birth Date November 5, 2200
Serial Number DRM-001
Faction Unified Army
Function The Foil
Assignment Stop Being A Jerk
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Adaptive Assault
Secondary Specialty Tactics, Finance, Insurance Law
Weapons Cross System, Plasma Generators, Kinetic Field Manipulators
Primary Supremacy Drive
Type Energy Force
Secondary Void Crasher
Type Energy
Buster Colors Purple & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Jesse Spencer
Theme Song Invincible - Adelita's Way

Character Data

"Just give up and go home, you're not ready for me."


Riley Walker was the second volunteer for the ADF's Project: DREAMTIME. With the advancements made from the prototype used with Marshall Rider, Riley's systems lack the external Ride Wheel. Less of a test type and possibly the first of many, Riley's advanced cybernetics, including a Cross System, are entirely geared towards combat. Ruthless, relentless and dark humored, Riley works with Star Force as a front line hitter, crushing the enemies of the free world to prove his own power and that of the ADF.


Blood Knight, Competition Freak, Entitled Bastard, Green-Eyed Monster, Leeroy Jenkins, The Resenter, Antihero, Darker and Edgier, Not So Different, Will Probably Die After A Wrenching Emotional Sequence At The End Of The Season To Give The Protagonist An Emotional Beat, Allowing Him To Unlock His True Power, Which Is More True And Powerful Than His Previous True Power


Stuff Happened


  • Riley's dad is President and CEO of one of Australia's largest insurance firms. In other words: He's rich.
  • Riley does not get along with his parents. Mostly his father. The elder Walker has a mindset of power making right. Riley...doesn't exactly agree anymore.
  • Riley graduated from Australian National University with a degree in Finance, minoring in Pre-Law with an emphasis on Insurance Law. He had prepared to take over his father's company. Not anymore.
  • On the bright side, his investment portfolio is pretty impressive.