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Real Name Riot Gear
Faction Maverick Hunters
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Logs featuring Riot

  • 2219-12-16: The One Thing - Mister Famous offers Riot a gift, but there's one thing that he just can't give.
  • 2220-01-12: Nice Desk - Riot visits Gaus Magrevich.
  • 2220-01-22: ATM Quest - Gospel finds a kloo.
  • 2220-02-02: Hot Coffee - Masquerade infiltrates Magrevich Industries. Shield Shellfish is not amused.
  • 2220-03-26: Assault on Pine Gap - Gospel and Grave race to attack a Black SHIELD facility.
  • 2220-04-05: Stronger Not In Body - The Mavericks are a dying breed. Some choose not to go out quietly.
  • 2220-04-15: Sic Semper Tyrannis - Gospel liberates a critically important tool from the American intelligence community.
  • 2220-06-02: Tiger By The Tail - The assembled forces of good, lead by Gospel, fight to free the remains of Duo.EXE from the vile grip of Vincente Sumiyama.
  • 2220-07-14: Candlejack - When Candlejack e-kidnaps Dr. Light, can our hero hackers save him befor
  • 2220-07-26: Creamland Pt. 4 - The adventure continues. The team assembles to rescue Princess Pride.
  • 2220-07-27: Creamland Pt. 5 (End) - Tell me if you love me.
  • 2220-09-13: Once Too Many - Blues does a bad thing.
  • 2220-10-04: Unbearable Outrage - Nana decides to quit the Hunters and become an air pirate.
  • 2220-10-05: The Hit - Teresa Magrevich is kidnapped. Lots of people object.
  • 2220-10-14: Point of No Return - Blues faces his second and last Hunter Tribunal.
  • 2220-12-06: Project Aesir - Working on a tip from Gospel, the Hunters explore Promise Island, a Project Aesir development facility.
  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.