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The first androids were created by Drs. Light, Wily, and Cain in a joint effort. Dr. Light was given the lion's share of the credit, which angered Dr. Wily, leading him to steal the original prototype, Blues, and the six utilitarian androids the trio had constructed. Blues was eventually recovered and became a Maverick Hunter alongside his brother Rock, but the six utility androids were kept, forming the nucleus of Dr. Albert Wily's instrument of conquest: the Robot Masters. Having gone mad over his lack of recognition, Wily continued building robots at an alarming pace over several years - his mad genius resulting in an army to further his goals of world domination.

The majority of the Robot Masters have been built by Wily himself, except for the original six, now dubbed "Alpha Squad," and several others who he appropriated and reprogrammed to serve his will. He has made revolutionary advances in science and technology in the course of arming his warriors, and even now still builds new Robot Masters when he sees fit - although his present army, and devising new ideas and inventions to further it, takes up the greater part of his attention now.

The goals of the Robot Masters are the goals of Dr. Wily. They are his personal army. Some were built by him, others stolen and reprogrammed; all are equal in their servitude to his will. While the idea of an army of mindless robot slaves was appealing, Wily realized that to battle human soldiers and other intelligent robots, he would need to provide his Robot Masters with initative and intelligence without allowing them total freedom. He programmed them with simple but iron-clad directives: To not harm him, nor to let him come to harm, and to see him as their leader, in whatever form their personalities would put him. He found (to his vexation) that this did not prevent the Robot Masters from forming their own motives and desires, although they kept them from fleeing him or questioning him, no matter how badly abused. Mentally, all of the Robot Masters are original creations; androids programmed from the bottom up by Dr. Wily. Also, all the Robot Masters possess at least one functioning manipulator; if they do not have visible "hands" in the original game forms, one or both arms have retractable and fully functional hands, unless the player wants this to not be the case -- Spark Man is notorious for lacking them.

Some Robot Masters are capable of removing their armor and dressing in human clothing for disguise purposes. Others are not, and must use much cruder disguise methods (a large coat or superficial spoilers and decals, to make them seem more like a standard heavy reploid). Whether or not a particular Master is humanoid enough to pass for a human or humanoid reploid is up to the player to determine within the bounds of common sense; Robot Masters who are much larger than humans, who possess exposed rockets or arm-mounted weaponry, or who are mounted on tank treads or horse legs cannot pass for human.

Most Robot Masters would follow Wily's orders to the letter with not a thought of disobedience, no matter how atrocious they might be. This does not mean that they can't complain, mock their superiors behind their backs, mock their superiors in front of their backs, refuse orders, shirk duty, make friends with or interact with others outside the faction. Dr. Wily does not approve of a Robot Master who might put another above him, and is not above reprogramming Robot Masters whose loyalty has come into question. Few, if any, would question their loyalty to Wily - they're designed to be loyal to him, after all.

  • Chain of Command:

The regular Robot Masters are divided into teams, generally of 8. Their job is to command Wily's innumerable drone army and make trouble. They generally do not give orders except under specific situations where their specialty makes them the most competent to do so.

The Squad Commanders and Executives, or COs and XOs, are higher up. They have either shown leadership ability and performance, or were promoted on a whim or in a fit of pique. Squad command can be very fluid because of this, and command changes hands often.

Ballade, Enker, Punk and Quint form the Elite Masters and are above the squad leaders. Bass is above rebuke from anyone except Dr. Wily.

Dr. Wily is the leader of the Robot Masters. His word is law and he controls who lives and who explodes comically. The Robot Masters generally do their best to please him and stay on his good side, due to both their own instincts and because those in his favor receive authority, good missions, and loot. Dr. Wily does care for his creations in his own idiosyncratic way, and will not abandon them as long as they continue to please his twisted mind.

  • 'E-Ring'ing:

Robot Masters destroyed in combat have a tendency to explode into a shower of energy rings. This 'E-Ring' is the energy signature of a backup system that captures the data of a Robot Master, allowing its personality to be re-uploaded into a new body. This gives the Robot Masters a form of functional immortality - the philosophical aspect of E-Ringing is not something that concerns most of them.

Robot Master personalities are routinely backed up, as well, in case an E-Ring doesn't take. In this case, a Robot Master may have gaps in his memory between destruction and reactivation.

Few Robot Masters want to explode in battle, but it happens more often than any of them care to admit. New bodies generally take a day or two to be constructed. With the exception of Grenade Man, no Robot Master is supposed to go out of his way to E-Ring.

  • Original Characters:

Original characters may join the ranks of the Robot Masters from outside the faction, defecting into it from Independent or some other group, but OC androids created by Dr. Wily are not allowed. Robots defecting in the group can expect to be converted to androids by Dr. Wily or one of his subordinates.

  • Feature Characters:

When applying for a Robot Master, please keep the following in mind:

Histories are allowed to be brief - simply stating "built by Dr. Wily" is usually enough for non-Elites, though building on an existing history is always welcome.

Almost all of the Robot Masters are canonically built by Dr. Wily, including the ones from Mega Man 4. Robots who were stolen instead of built are typically noted in their profiles. Contact Staff if there is any confusion in the matter.

Moreso than any other faction, Robot Master personalities can change, as Wily has no compunctions about reprogramming his creations if they're being disloyal, or he's bored, or if the damn Yankess won again.