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Roderick McGill
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Function Demolitions
Technical Specifications
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Are you sure I should do this? I'm sorry if I mess it up.."


Unsure of himself and his capabilities, it's sometimes hard to believe Roderick McGill is one of the few people gifted with the S-Gene.Raised alone by his mother, a terrifying harridan, he's suffered some severe emotional damage over the years. Unsure of himself and constantly apologetic his behavior belies his absolutely deadly talents. Despite his poor self-image,his skill for being able to detect weak points in defenses and structures, and his talent for martial arts relying on resonances and pressure points assures that on the field he's a dangerous opponent to deal with. Currently a ward of TASC, it remains to be seen whether Roderick will grow to eventually be more than an asset, indeed whether he'll grow into a fully functioning member of society, or just remain an emotionally damaged killer.


Teen With A Bad Upbringing Number Forty, S-Gene Don't Give No Self Esteem, Hertza Haeon Goes Straight To Your Heart, Will Touch A Girl But Only With Pressure Point Techniques, Self Defeating With Scent of Shame, Put All His Chargen Points Into Martial Arts, He Doesn't Know How To Deal With That, Oh Wait I Do: Bombs, Have Fedora Will Travel



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