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Personal Information
Real Name Roll Light
Code Name The Ninning Ninja that Nins at Ninnight
Race Android
Gender Female
Serial Number DRN-002
Faction Versus
Function Good Witch of the North
Assignment Break The Laws Of Time
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Science Heroism
Secondary Specialty Pastry Chef
Primary Roll Broom
Type Physical
Secondary Tango Assault
Type Blade
Buster Colors Neon Green & Bright Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman
Theme Song

Character Data

"I refuse to lose!"


Roll Light comes from a famous, if depleted family line. Forced into the spotlight by the passing of her father and her brother, Mega Man, Roll has stepped forward into world affairs tentatively, guided by the ideals her family lived - lives - by. Roll is renowned for her kind and gentle disposition, and rarely can find a bad word to say about any but the most loathesome enemies of the Hunters. She is often a mediating figure in the Hunters, and sometimes has the unenviable role of being a surrogate mother or sister or child figure. Between the heritage of her father and her near-death at the hands of Ra Moon, Roll seeks to live life to the fullest, although her interest in romance has thus far borne little fruit. (Blame the packs of vigilantes she lives with.) More successful thus far has been her career in the sciences; she is the co-creator of the Irregular Scarface, though he is, thus far, the only one.


Housekeeping, Robotics, Programming, Kind And Generous, The World's Sweetheart, The Secret Master Of The Robot Wars, It's A Family Affair, Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval, Mahou Shoujo Mecha




Cut Scenes featuring Roll

Logs featuring Roll

  • 2213-06-08: Saturn and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Mike dies.
  • 2217-04-10: Kalinka's Birthday XVII - Everyone who's anyone shows up to Kalinka's 17th birthday party, so it's only natural that a fight would break out... a really terrible fight.
  • 2220-06-02: Tiger By The Tail - The assembled forces of good, lead by Gospel, fight to free the remains of Duo.EXE from the vile grip of Vincente Sumiyama.
  • 2220-07-14: Candlejack - When Candlejack e-kidnaps Dr. Light, can our hero hackers save him befor
  • 2220-09-01: Cyber Shenanigans - Cyber Peacock leads the Hunter hacking brigade in a master class on trolling.
  • 2220-10-14: Point of No Return - Blues faces his second and last Hunter Tribunal.
  • 2220-12-06: Project Aesir - Working on a tip from Gospel, the Hunters explore Promise Island, a Project Aesir development facility.
  • 2221-04-30: The Houseman Fanfic Method - People chat with the newly-spectral Dr. Light on Hunter radio... then it veers to very wrong places indeed.
  • 2221-05-26: Funeral Meltdown - The funeral of Alpha and Chroma B in Detroit - Dynamo does not take it well.
  • 2221-07-24: Give Me Directions - Shield Shellfish and Roll Light have a rare talk about the science of resurrection.
  • 2222-07-10: Smiling Faces And Open Arms - Dr. James Marcus is in LEGIONS custody. The Hunters decide an assassination is in order.
  • 2224-07-08: Tzaraath Interlude - Some speculation and conjecture before things inevitably take a turn for the worse.
  • 2226-01-19: Trumpeting to Arms - Everybody hates Nobody.
  • 2227-06-21: What Are You Going to Make - Roll's scientific quiet time is interrupted by Morrigan Aensland. A trip is discussed.
  • 2227-06-22: Weirdly Liberating - Roll undertakes a dangerous journey for the betterment of science and, perhaps, society. Morrigan looks fabulous.
  • 2227-06-23: Interlocking Systems - After brief terror, Roll finds her destination. Morrigan has not yet reached her own.
  • 2227-07-24: Unsafe Chicken - Roll gently tips forwards, her head landing on the bar with an audible 'thump'. The bartender is not too shocked at this. "It's not so bad," Morrigan replies in a singsong lilt.
  • 2227-08-10: It's Morrigan's Chair Now :( - Roll works on the problem of Rose. Morrigan visits to recruit her to find Rose. The coincidences here are chilling.
  • 2227-08-12: All Subtlety Gone - Bailey, Roll, and Morrigan visit a woman named Rose. They all have their fortunes told.
  • 2227-08-27: I Want To Understand - Roll invites Morrigan to a mystery dinner. IN SPACE. Roll bares her soul and Morrigan eats cake.
  • 2227-09-06: Davania: The Scenic Route - The search for Sonia takes everyone to Davania, where things start to seem a little too familiar.
  • 2227-09-07: Davania: The Dragon King - The party arrives in the city of Nodus and meets with the mysterious Dragon King.
  • 2227-09-19: THE FIELD OF HONOUR - Roll forces an unwilling Ciel into ritualized combat at the suggestion of Seiryuu, The Dragon King. The crowd gets rowdy.
  • 2227-09-20: Davania: The World Is Wrong - Everyone fights off Clock Man's attempt to destroy Seiryuu. Things get weird.
  • 2227-09-28: Break the Ice - Morrigan invites both Zero and Roll to help her with a little task for totally non-duplicitous reasons.
  • 2227-10-30: Halloween 2014 - The Fun Part - Luna Platz incites a barventure before the dumb dangerous part of Halloween starts. A lot of ridiculous things happen.
  • 2227-11-07: Mountain Queen and the Chocolate Shocker - Bailey invites several friends to try out a new club. There are bug adventures. Celia names a beer. Roll unloads a lot of baggage.
  • 2227-11-08: Concrete Jungle - An unusually hot autumn brings a rash of strange killings to San Angeles...
  • 2227-11-11: Deep Thoughts With Roll Light - Roll and Morrigan have lunch in Cameron City. Morrigan makes a daring suggestion. Roll makes a fateful choice.
  • 2227-11-13: The Party at the End of the World - With Sonia rescued, it's time to party...
  • 2227-12-04: Golf and BDSM - Roll and Morrigan play golf and talk about the Time Haters of 2239. The conversation turns to sex and unsurprisingly Morrigan has opinions involving shibari.
  • 2227-12-16: Light/Dark - Roll introduces Sewa to Morrigan. The three of them talk about upcoming Martian shenanigans.
  • 2227-12-20: First Day - A new Light Labs employee meets her new boss, takes a tour of the building, and answers a few uncomfortable questions from the succubus who hangs out there.
  • 2228-01-21: Interview With No Vampire - Roll and Cerisier meet with Yomiel and Sissel to discuss ghost tricks and other light matters.
  • 2228-02-02: A Day About Town - Cerisier and Roll stock up on Paris Energy by consuming untold amounts of croissants. The subject of romance is briefly broached.
  • 2228-04-07: Searching For Utopia - While on a picnic, Cerisier questions Iris about her Maverick past. A radio conversation becomes particularly apropos.
  • 2228-04-25: The Blue Bandit - Light Labs goes bear-hunting and experiences kuma shock! Will pills and blood magic be enough to win the day?
  • 2228-06-21: Happy Father's Day - Slur launches a massive attack on the prison holding 2240's version of Dr. Wily.
  • 2228-08-21: Future Turnabout: A Rainy Reveal - Versus tries to buy an interesting relic and instead gets a mystery and a murder charge.
  • 2228-08-23: Future Turnabout: Enter the Ace Attorney! - Andruw insinuates himself into the trial of the decade.
  • 2228-08-26: Future Turnabout: The Kind Assassin - Versus contacts the best assassin they know in hopes of tracking down their suspect.
  • 2228-08-28: Future Turnabout: The Psychic Investigator - Versus and Star Force travel to 1998 to discuss a variety of problems that the Fey clan is now tangled up in.
  • 2228-08-29: Future Turnabout: OBJECTION! The First Court Battle - Ace Attorney Andruw Nisse begins his defense. But, can he work without all the evidence?
  • 2228-08-29: Future Turnabout Pt 4 - First Trial Day
  • 2228-09-03: Future Turnabout: The Murderous Gentleman - Versus contacts the assassin they traced from the crime scene. The mystery only deepens.
  • 2228-09-07: Future Turnabout: HOLD IT! The Second Court Battle - Ace Attorney Andruw Nisse has a surprise witness, but will anyone believe him?
  • 2228-09-11: Hard Technomerican Justice - <Radio: A - VS Main> Sewa transmits, "Good work kicking a webcomic author down the stairs and... and I guess showing Lady Liberty who's boss?"
  • 2228-09-14: Future Turnabout: Meet Your Match - Versus follows the thread to Mr. Match. The real killer says hello.
  • 2228-09-19: Future Turnabout: Justice for All - Part 2 - Ace Attorney Andruw Nisse is in trouble, but Versus delivers his final weapon at the last moment!
  • 2228-09-19: Future Turnabout: Justice for All - Part 1 - Versus and Star Force pursue Mentallo down to a GENOCIDE safehouse. He's cornered!... further results