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Rospark Floroid
Not Midnight, Probably
Not Midnight, Probably
Personal Information
Real Name Rospark Floroid
Race Pseudoroid
Gender male
Function Ascended Cactus
Technical Specifications
Primary Rose Stinger
Type Blade
Secondary Spark Stinger
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Theme Song

Character Data

"Show me your beautiful, torn soul!"


Rospark Floroid is an amoral scientist created from risky research. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Stevenson, Rospark is a research unit who uses electricity as his primary weapon. Rospark has a defensive and an offensive mode, which allows him to be flexible on the battlefield based on the needs of his squad. Narcissistic and arrogant, Rospark is self-focused in the extreme. His high self-regard grates on his squadmates, who still end up needing him for his scientific expertise. Rospark's closest 'friend' is Hedgeshock, who he treats like a little sister. There are also rumors that Dr. Stevenson used some recovered ADF technology to create Rospark, but Rospark's resemblance to a former controversial figure is likely a coincidence. Likely.


Midnight In The Cactus Of Mostly Evil, All The Dark Triad Personality Traits, And Science, So Much Science




  • 2231-01-26: The Fall Of Space Lanka - The Unified Army assaults The Third Moon to rescue Sri Lanka. Dr. Stevenson introduces them to his brand new Pseudoroid pack.

Cut Scenes