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Disciple of the Stone Prince
Personal Information
Real Name Ryan Knight
Race Strider
Gender Male
Creator/s His Parents
Birth Date 6/15/2207
Faction Unified Army
Function Embittered Skate Punk
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Martial Arts, Skateboarding
Secondary Specialty Infiltration
Weapons Axe, Dao, Polearms
Primary Bone Shattering Blow
Type Physical
Secondary Grievous Agony Attack
Type Physical
Buster Colors Violet & Silver
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Jensen Ackles
Theme Song The Way of the Fist - Five Finger Death Punch

Character Data

"Sometimes life puts you where you need to be. Other times you have to claw your way up."


Ryan Knight is a changed young man. Still brash and headstrong, prone to fits of temper, the Strider has transcended many of his weaknesses. He has found a home in Heaven's Fortress, the daily struggle only making him stronger and letting him prove his physical superiority. Trained personally by the Stone Prince of Henan, Ryan has grown both as a warrior and as a man. Fiercely loyal to his cause, the Strider has faced death many times in the service of the Grandmaster. Surely he will face it again and again until either his life is claimed or he stands triumphant over the enemies of Ouroboros.


More Mature, Still A Punkass, Languages (English, Mandarin), Burning Wrath, Ambidextrous, Daredevil, Iron Will, Rugged, Unyielding, Brute (SS/WP), Far East Asian Terrorist, Glory Hound


Ryan Knight was, up until a couple years ago, a normal boy. Maybe a little stronger, faster and tougher than average, but mostly unremarkable. His father was a minor bureaucrat in the Republic of Texas, his mother a schoolteacher. All in all, generally unremarkable people.

This all changed three years ago. When Blues detonated the Force Metal Bombs and the T-Virus ran rampant across the earth. At first, it was merely bad, but it wasn't a personal tragedy. He and his family moved about, staying ahead of the swarms. It only became personal when his mother was caught away from the rest of them and consumed. At least, he assumes she was eaten. He didn't see it, but she never came back. It was enough to crush him, but he survived. His father lived, but was broken by the experience.

When normalcy began to return, his father seemed to throw himself into his work, staying away from home for as long as he could. It was about this time that Ryan fell in with a bad crowd and began to, more or less, engage in juvenile delinquency. Petty theft, vandalism, skateboarding. Smoking and drinking. He found what he needed, a family, in these other people. Life was different, but he was living.

It was a year or so ago that things began to seem different. He began to exhibit signs that he was different from his friends. Almost impossible tricks seemed easy for him. He was faster than he was before. Stronger. He still doesn't know exactly what happened to him, but he likes it. At the coming of the Destroyer for the second time, his father vanished, perhaps for good. It hurt, but he was free. At that point, he dropped out of school and left Texas, wandering North America. Spending his nights in shelters and pretty much anywhere he could, he traveled.

As he traveled, the hardship of it all seemed to make him stronger. It was around six months ago that he started to fight. Even the United States has dark places where people fight underground for money. What Ryan lacked in skill was made up for with raw talent. A bruised jaw for a good meal? He'll take it. A black eye for a night in a real bed, no matter how lumpy and a hot shower? Done. This is how he lived until he was found.

Princess Atlas and Prince Chao hunted him down. They didn't send minions. They didn't send functionaries. The two of them, very important people, thought he was important enough to come and offer him a place in Ouroboros personally. It didn't take a lot of convincing.

Since then: Shenanigans and a great deal of bloodshed. Mostly his.


  • Ryan has had his skin burned off more than once. Three times at the very least. Two of them were by the Ion Cannon
  • For a time, Ryan had a Biometal with which he set a lot of things on fire. Jack Hunter used a spike to punch it out of his torso. He still owes the mercenary a beating.
  • Ryan has the utmost respect and loyalty to Atlas and Kung Chao Jie for taking him off of the street and giving him a place to call home. He would, quite literally, give his life for either of theirs.