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Sage Harpuia
Sage Harpuia.png
Personal Information
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Faction Neo Arcadia
Divisions Infantry
Function Air Supremacy
Technical Specifications
Primary Thundercrack Dash
Type Blade Electric
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Theme Song

Character Data

"I live, I fight, I die for humanity!"


Nicholas Kraska is better known today for screaming and running into things than his unhappy past. Born to a poor family in Russia, Nicholas strove to free himself from poverty by joining the Red Army. He rose through the ranks, but ultimately his family history of mental illness and addiction destroyed all that he had sought to build. Driven mad from the nightmares of the modern world, Nicholas was briefly institutionalized before escaping, seeking the power of Neo Arcadia. Reborn as Sage Harpuia, Nicholas was the longest-lived Guardian despite his suicidal tendencies in combat. Ruthless and mad, Nicholas was the most inhuman of the Guardians, wholly devoted to bringing destruction and mayhem to anyone who stood in his way. His death was considered by many to be a relief.


Cut Scenes