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Saiko Rei
Saiko Rei.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Rei Saiko
Code Name None
Race Strider
Gender Male
Birth Date August 6, 2196
Serial Number Formula-1 ID No. 2120
Faction Grave
Function Speed Racer
Assignment Russian Operations
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Infiltration
Secondary Specialty Hacking
Primary Neon Cipher
Type Fire
Secondary Ghost Fog Technique
Type Fire
Buster Colors Lime & Olive
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 3
Voice Actor Jackie Chan
Theme Song

Character Data

"In my business, any mistake is deadly."


Saiko Rei has been a lot of things in his life. The son of a prestigeous Chinese racing family, Rei seemed to be destined for greatness on the Formula 1 track. His incredible reflexes and intuitive sense for the road put him a cut above most racers. Rei's early career was filled with victories, and it seemed that nothing would stop him. The secret of his success was his Strider blood, and the rigorous training that he had undergone as a youth. With his superhuman physical attributes and millenia-old training, there was no one in the Formula 1 circuit who could touch him. When the Formula 1 circuit collapsed when the Maverick occupation of Europe began, Rei's perfect life was destroyed. Angry at the Mavericks, Rei joined the Resistance over his family's objections, and found another talent; he had a way with computers, and found yet another way he could fight back. Rei has since left the Resistance to work with Mai Atsuki, a path his family is much more approving of. Brash and cocksure, Rei adapts ancient techniques with modern technology, using his modified Neon Cipher to generate a variety of pyrokinetic effects. Despite his flashy lifestyle -- or perhaps because of it -- Rei is not lucky in love.


Driving (Anything), Racing (Tactics, Maneuvers, Strategy), Network Operations, Just As Annoying On Your Headset Now As He Was For His Pit Crew, Rubbin' Is Racing, Ghost Riding The Whip, My Ghost Fog Technique Is Unstoppable, EL REI