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Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Function The Black Rose
Technical Specifications
Primary Rose Cipher
Type Blade Corrosive
Secondary Deadly Toxin
Type Blade Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network
Theme Song

Character Data

"Our Mother Earth's beauty is always cruel."


Salome is a rose dripping with razor-sharp envenomed thorns. Born within Meio's Strider society, Salome has never known anything but the ruthlessness of Ouroboros. She was one of the first children to be taken to the mountains to train beneath the iron hand of Dark Miyabi, and callously watched her weaker peers fall to the wayside year after year. Years of brutal training honed Salome into remorseless human weapons, which was not a stretch for Salome. During her training, Salome gravitated toward the study of plants and chemicals, particularly the synthesization of poisons. When her rivals began to fall ill at critical testing periods, the Grandmaster took notice -- and was well pleased. Salome uses biological weapons in combat, created in her small laboratory to cause a variety of dehibilitating and lethal effects. Her Cipher is a masterwork of biotech engineering created by the Grandmaster to deliver a lethal payload of poison to its victims. Salome keeps her malevolence hidden from outsiders behind a pleasant, cheerful facade, but is known for her ruthlessness and treachery behind closed doors. Salome will do anything to get ahead, and finds the soft femininity of Jasmine an irritation. Jasmine's efforts to "civilize" Salome are a regular source of friction between the two.


Close Quarters Combat, Covert Operations, Languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian), Science (Biotech, Horticulture, Mad), Poisons, I GUESS I Can Heal You, Can't Cook, Aspires To Widowness, Poison Ivy Is A Role Model, Carnivore By Choice, Still Likes A Good Salad, What Tamako COULD Have Been




Cut Scenes