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San Angeles is one of the first megacities, having grown out of the gradual sprawl of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. It declared its independence from the United States shortly after the end of World War III and became a neutral nation-state. Before the Force Metal Bombing of 2219, it was one of the largest economies in the world. More recently, it has been unofficially conquered by Robot Master and Yakuza forces, and now contains a prominent Robot Master base, Skull Quentin.

Officially, San Angeles maintains itself as an independent city-country, and the current official in office is Qiangwei Zhao.

The San Angeles Conflict

Fought during the year 2220, the San Angeles Conflict all started with President Marvin Thackery opting to restore order with the use of the National Guard. Events swiftly escalated as the Robot Masters became involved. Large battles were fought over the months to follow, with local warlords opting to side with both the Americans and also the Robot Masters. The two forces, moving from the north and south of the city-state respectively, ran a long battle against each other. Maverick Hunters and Repliforce troops were also heavily involved.

Fighting continued from all sides, culminating in December when the fighting was at its hottest, to the point where the Repliforce deployed the Fortress V to assist in driving back the Robot Master progress north.

With the sudden taking of Sri Lanka by members of Gospel, the Fortress V was redeployed to what was perceived as the greater threat. The Robot Masters continued north with resistance lowering and American forces considering a withdrawal.

On Jan. 2nd, after Blues detonated Force Metal warheads in 3 cities triggering a global crisis, the US forces pulled out of the city-state.

By the end of the month, the Robot Masters had capitalized, seizing the remainder and holding it for the better part of a year before the city was finally liberated by American forces and the Blue Men vigilante group. The city is once again a part of the United States.

Logs & Cut Scenes from this City

  • 2200-02-01: Twenty-Five Years And A Lifetime Ago - The story of Michael Eildath's past.
  • 2216-08-07: A Matter of Love - Upset at the prospect of a Maverick invasion of London, Feste invades Abernathy's couch and demands storytime.
  • 2219-01-01: The Destruction Of San Angeles - The beginning of the modern era.
  • 2219-06-09: Firebase Flint - Shield Shellfish decides to do something about a Neo-Arcadian base established in San Angeles.
  • 2219-11-19: When The Strength Of Men Failed - Instead of repairing San Angeles, a dimensional device accidentally summons another one.
  • 2219-11-20: ...For Everlasting Peace - Another Dr. Light reflects on the small differences between his world and ours.
  • 2223-05-10: Transition Strategy - Rich Dotcom addresses the collapse of the Finklestein Triad.
  • 2223-06-30: The Wheel of Ka - Mike and Karen talk about his past.
  • 2223-09-25: The Wild Rose - A human woman dies in her lover's arms.
  • 2226-04-03: One Shot - Nephilim prevents another Maverick from getting shot.
  • 2226-06-19: Teachable Moment No. 1 - Bly teaches Jack something about mindfulness.
  • 2227-09-17: Not Real Likely - Bailey catches up to Morrigan after the attack on Shadaloo. They share some denouement for this episode.
  • 2227-11-08: Concrete Jungle - An unusually hot autumn brings a rash of strange killings to San Angeles...
  • 2230-05-19: Raising The Stakes - Reiz, Pandora and Dr. Stevenson raid a concert at the Reploid Room for 4th Empire captives. Shang Lei and Void take exception to this.
  • 2230-07-21: Night Shift - A night watchman has an unexpected encounter.
  • 2231-08-26: The Cosmic Error - Andruw writes his letter #12. Somewhere, in a different place and time, a different Andruw writes a different letter.