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Personal Information
Race Esper
Gender Female
Faction Grave
Function Beastmaster
Technical Specifications
Primary Through The Gills
Type Blade
Secondary Sweep And Strike
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Street Fighter Alpha 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"You shouldn't have messed with Mother Nature."


Santamu only loves animals. Formerly of Vietnam, Santamu was kidnapped by Shadaloo at a young age and conditioned into a psychic assassin. She found herself briefly rescued from Shadaloo by Cammy before escaping into the future with Luna Platz. Santamu's psychic talent is in animal empathy, which seems to extend to all manner of non-human creatures. She oversees a small army of trained animals that act as extensions of her will. The price of Santamu's talent is her deep emotional involvement with her creatures. Harming her animal friends can send her off the deep end, which is as dangerous for her as it is for everyone around her. Santamu's connection to her animals also makes it hard for her to develop emotional connections with other people. Her sole links to humanity are the members of her team.


Animal Ken (Yes), Extreme Survival, Perhaps The Only Woman Who Would Ever Understand Thetis, Has No Time For Anyone But Her Monkey, Don't You DARE Hurt Him




Cut Scenes