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Saoirse Kearney
Personal Information
Real Name Saoirse Kearney
Code Name Twilight Sparkle
Race Strider
Gender Female
Creator/s Rory & Briana Kearney
Birth Date May 1st, 2204
Serial Number 423547474
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Water
Function Twilight Sparkle
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Fightin' Irish
Weapons Yes
Primary Earthquake
Type Physical
Secondary Rockslide
Type Physical
Buster Colors Spring Green & Gold
OOC Information
Voice Actor Kerry Condon
Theme Song

Character Data

"Bollocks. Y'can't just hack into that like that!"


Saoirse Kearney is a study in opposites. Born and raised in the tourist city of Killarney, Ireland, Saoirse grew up understanding both the complexities of someone who was born in a technological time, as well as going back to her roots. An avid equestrian, Saoirse loves to ride and has ridden and performed in various shows since she was a young child. However, her family saw to it that her knowledge was well rounded, and the woman also has skills when it comes to many technological areas, being an accomplished hacker and engineer. It has also been revealed that Saoirse is, almost strangely, a Strider - someone with unique physical traits and talents - and also, the revelation is what got her involved with Ouroboros. Saoirse, never one to give up on her education, has learned a series of martial arts so that she may utilize her unique talents, and continue to show the world what she is capable of.


Knowledge: Horses (Riding, Taming, Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Veterinary Science), My Little Pony, Favored Horse Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse, She's Got An Irish Brogue!, Obligatory Redhead With Freckles, Martial Arts (Hung Ga, Ha Sei Fu Hung Ga), Don't Underestimate My IQ Score, Knowledge: Engineering(Mechanic, Software), Action Hacker, Programmer, May Be A Destined Rival, Languages (Gaelic, English)



The Emerald Isle is not unknown to the forces of the world, and fate saw to it that a lovely little girl, named Saoirse, was born to Briana and Rory Kearney on May 1st, 2204. Saoirse was brought up into a world where she balanced technological extremes, and going back to her roots. Their first, and in fact, only child, Saoirse was the delight of her parents, and they often let her do whatever she want.

However, what she wanted was easily at hand, for the Kearney family ran a all-year boarding stable and riding school, which taught people not only how to ride and bond with the horses, but also how to perform at dressage and showjumping events. Saoirse - she did it all, and quickly catapulted through the ranks as an avid equestrian.

However, her family didn't let her neglect the attention of her studies. A brilliant young lady, Saoirse liked tinkering and programming, as it was a fun thing to do when she could not ride - such as late night, or when it was badly storming, or when she was injured. Her family encouraged this as much as it encouraged anything else - after all, a well-rounded woman is a benefit and a blessing, not a curse.

The Mangerton Mountain

It was found, as she grew older, that Saoirse wasn't completely normal - she was stronger, and faster, then most everyone else was, but she didn't think too much of it - after all, who would? It was actually the work of her genes, as she was a latent Strider. Saoirse graduated high school at age 17 and went into college, graduating a few years later.

At the age of twenty-two, Saoirse was taking a group of students out on a weekend trail ride along Mangerton Mountain within the Killarney National Park when there was a short rockslide, trapping the small group in a cave in the mountain. While they had rations, oxygen was the big issue, and knowing of her unusual strength, Saoirse opted for the only thing she had - to try to move the rock - which /worked/.


While Saoirse doubted her own actions afterwards, she was contacted by Ouroboros and gently drawn into their faction afterwards, where her genetics were revealed, and after a year of training, time has determined that it's about time she shows her face to the world as one of their newest, and dedicated, rookies.


  • Saoirse is pronounced 'SEER sha'. You've been warned.
  • Saoirse's favorite horse breed is the Tennessee Walker because of it's uniquely smooth gait in both canters and trots.
  • The Kearney Horse Farm, Stables & Riding School is located to the south of Killarney and to the east of the Killarney National Park. She helps out at home often.


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