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Personal Information
Race Esper
Gender Female
Faction Grave
Function Cavalier
Technical Specifications
Primary Bamboo Cutter
Type Blade
Secondary Invisible Cut
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Street Fighter Alpha 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Yeah?! Just try it!"


Satsuki is a physical powerhouse who loves to fight. Formerly of Japan, Satsuki was kidnapped by Shadaloo at a young age and conditioned into a psychic assassin. She found herself briefly rescued from Shadaloo by Cammy before escaping into the future with Luna Platz. Satsuki is the most physically mighty of the Dolls, capable of incredible feats of brute strength and resilience. She has no taste for subtlety and would run face-first into every conflict were it not for the moderating influence of the rest of the team. Loud and brassy, Satsuki takes pleasure in bulldozing anyone in her way. Her bravado conceals neurotic fears about her value to others. Satsuki's volume and violence often intensify with her anxiety, which März uses to great effect. Satsuki and Xiayu often clash because of their mutually exclusive territorial tendencies, with Satsuki having the upper hand because of her brick-like toughness.


Feats Of Strength, A Brick That Walks Like A Woman, Control Freak, Go On, Call Me A Man, They're Less Tough Than Me, I Don't Need One Anyway, Sailor Jupiter




Cut Scenes