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Personal Information
Real Name Ska
Code Name Scarface
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date 2219
Serial Number DSN001
Faction Independent
Function Noob +9
Assignment Master Roll-Cookie-Fu
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Knight Errant
Secondary Specialty Heir Apparent
Weapons Plasma Lance, Electricty, Sumo Strider arts, and JUSTICE.
Primary Plasma Lance
Type Blade
Secondary Ultra Giga Thunder
Type Electric
Buster Colors Gold & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Voice Actor Keifer Sutherland (Young)
Theme Song Push by Dio

Character Data

"I do not fear my destiny!"


Scarface is one of HeraCorp's great success stories. Created with assistance from the Maverick Hunter Roll as well as a few other technicians, Scarface was born desiring the life of a hero. Many in the corporation expected him to request membership in Repliforce or the Maverick Hunters, but were shocked when Scarface willingly chose to join the Irregular cause. After living as the student of Epsilon, Scarface has come to understand that each person is responsible for their own destiny. Following Epsilon's death Scarface has inherited the title Emperor of Reploidkind, and has taken it vowing to face up to the life he has chosen and embrace his destiny. He lives his life as he faces the battlefield bold, dynamic and confident and constantly desiring to be the very best in all things. Scarface surprised many once again by choosing to fight alongside Prismatic Spider and Nephilim as he feels the group best upholds Epsilon’s ideas, and he is devoted to showing the world the Empire of Reploidkind can still be a hero even under the most radical of ideologies.


Class: Plasma Energy Reploid, Prestige Class: Knight, Slicing, Dicing, Making Home Fries, Cutting Through This Tin Can And THEN This Tomato, Calling Down And Calling Up The Thunder, One Long Bad Hair Day, Deathstroke Fanboy, All I Need Is Force Lightning, Moments Of Exquisite Cool Followed By Hours Of Noobitude, Big Feet, Big ... Lance, Outrageously Ostentatious Armor, Massimo-esque, Calls Mom Every Day




  • 2221-02-09: A Funeral For Father And Son - The funeral of Dr. Thomas Light and Rock Light.
  • 2223-02-08: The Lonely Southern Cross - Ciel goes flying off the deep end with a little push from Crux.
  • 2223-08-14: Monster Hospital - Silver Horn has crossed Nana for the last time.
  • 2225-05-17: Run On For A Long Time - Giarax vs. The World
  • 2227-11-14: Force and Justice - The Robot Masters attack a Force Metal refinery in El Paso.
  • 2229-12-10: Protest Freestyle - The Irregulars lead a protest march to the United Nations parliament and give voice and rhyme to the people's discontent.
  • 2230-08-16: Goblin Raid - Completely out of the blue, goblins from another world raid a fireworks factory on the Texas border.

Cut Scenes