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Personal Information
Code Name Scorpio
Race Stardroid
Gender Male
Faction Stardroids
Function Psychological Observation
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Psychological Observation
Secondary Specialty Screwing With Mortal Minds
Primary Mind Sting
Type Blade Corrosive
Secondary Insanity Wave
Type Force
Buster Colors Red & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor A Hideous Cacophony
Theme Song Sweating Bullets, Megadeth

Character Data



Quiet and withdrawn around his fellow Stardroids, Scorpio was chosen to be a psychological observer for the interstellar tribunal, but the change in both form and spirit drove the being that is Scorpio, once a powerful servant of Chaos on his homeworld, totally mad. Shows little real concern for his position, the other Stardroids, or even the fate of the universe... the only thing he has ever showed a caring for is riddles, and even that is only a passing fixation. Petulant and self-absorbed, when on his own is prone to bombastic outburst and flashes of madness that would cause even the most stable-minded men to shrink back. Has a firecracker temper, and is not afraid to use his own power to attain his goals. And what are his goals? These he keeps secret, though a malaise has obviously seeped in, an underlying current of unrest that threatens to bubble over at any moment. And when it does? Pray to whatever gods you believe in that he doesn't take you with him.


Mind Games, Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental Cruelty, Tactlessness, Ego, Overconfidence, God Complex, Necromancy, Evil Overlord Syndrome, Brotherly Hatred, Not Being A Mortal Kombat Character


Killed by Bass as he attempted to commit mass murder. Bass dropped an asteroid on his head. Did the trick.


  • Listed Voice Actors: Scott McNeil, Mel Blanc, Frank Welker, Peter Cullen, Christopher Lloyd, Alan Rickman, Steve Buscemi, Orson Welles, Leonard Nimoy, James Earl Jones, John Moschitta, Dana Carvey, David Letterman, Sinistar, and many, many, more... all of them mixed together, all of them twisted.


Did you mean maybe this Scorpio?