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Scott Wily
Personal Information
Real Name Scott Wily
Race Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Tron Bonne, Dr. Wily
Birth Date 7/15/2214
Death 04/01/2219
Serial Number N/A
Faction Blackguard
Function Madder Scientist
Technical Specifications
Primary Big Wily Style
Secondary Wilybrow 2.0
Buster Colors Black & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Jason Schwartzman
Theme Song Anything You Can Do

Character Data

"Out with the old, in with the new."


A failed clone of his 'father' Dr. Wily, Scott made a habit of fumbling for power in all the wrong places. Short tempered and childish, he inherited the worst of the Wily qualities while retaining a sense of self-entitlement and rebelliousness most abandon after their teenage years. Though a genius with electronics, his notoriously short attention span meant many of his creations were activated while still unfinished. After betraying anyone he could ever rely on, including his self-made 'children' the Robot Overlords, he turned to Ra Moon who gave him a brief flirtation with power in exchange for his sanity. After a short rampage, which included cannibalizing his remaining loyal creations for spare parts, Scott was finally defeated by Rock with the help of Time Man.


'Evil' Laughter, Scheming, Robotics, Leaving Behind Spring-Headed Duplicates, Robots Should Only Be Used For Awesome, Wilybrow 2.0 (I Don't Care About Your Trademark), Myopic Genius, Anarchist, Dirty Double Crosser, Extends His Saber But Trips On His Cloak



Scott Wily was never meant to exist. Intended as a youthful but empty shell that Dr. Wily's mind could be 'swapped' into, he developed a consciousness by accident and then proceeded to make as much of a nuisance of himself as possible. After being tolerated as a bratty understudy for a few months, Scott revealed his hand by briefly taking over the Robot Masters with his self-made squad of fighting robots creatively called the Robot Overlords.

Predictably this failed and Scott Wily was shipped off to live with his grandmother in lieu of serving a prison sentence, effectively disowned. His remaining creations were either allowed to help around the house if they were useful, or set free to get mundane jobs if not.

With the ebb and flow of events Scott was eventually able to build other Robot Overlords, some of whom still wander the world to this day, and even joined forces with Epsilon to create the Irregular Overlords twice, but these ventures inevitably met failure.

It would be a trip to Mars that would kickstart Scott's undoing. Having betrayed the Irregular Overlords to join forces with his father, he eventually betrayed the entire planet to form an alliance with the Robot Gentlemen and Ra Moon. Though he was granted power it was fleeting, and he was easily dispatched by Rock after a weeks worth of terrorizing the planet.

Robot Overlords


  • Scott Wily had a hand in creating Buster Rod G, Mega Water S, Hyper Storm H and helped create Epsilon's powerful 'Caesar Epsilon' combat mode. Also the Robot Outhouse (don't ask).
Sonic Man, Volt Man, Dyna Man
Oil Man, Blade Man, Torch Man, Water Man, Shark Man, Bit Man