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Search Man
Search Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Search and Destroy
Technical Specifications
Primary Homing Sniper
Type Explosive
Secondary Bush Drop
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 8
Theme Song

Character Data

"War is hell!.." "..and that's just how we like it."


Search Man is always of two minds, literally. Both heads have seperate brains, and both have their own distinct personality. The right head is harsh, sometimes brutal, and the tougher of the two. He firmly upholds militairy discipline and etiquette, even more so than the left head. He likes being on the offensive, and knows all about his weapons. The left head is calm and extremely patient, and very calculating. He's the planner, and likes to be organized and on top of his projects. Almost all of their interests are opposite of one another, from political sides to favorite television shows. They argue very frequently, which can lead to critical delays during inoppurtune times. They do share a smiliar passion for warfare and 20th Century weapons, as well as a militairy lifestyle. Despite the arguments, they get along pretty well, above all. Which is good, since some of the Masters find them very weird, especially since they refer to themselves as one entity at times. Search Man's main weapon is 'his' gun arm, which can fire homing missiles in an attack called the Homing Sniper.


Knowledge: 20th Century Military, Skirmishing, Sniping, Militia Tactics, War Games, Guarding, Patrolling, Scouting, Left And Right Wing Politics, Real American Hero, Intercepting, Drill Instructing, Drop And Give Me Fifty, Arguing With Himself, Marching, Expert Coordination (With Himself)




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