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Personal Information
Real Name Gambit
Code Name Serenade
Race Android
Gender Female
Creator/s The Professor
Faction Robot Masters
Function Military Intelligence
Technical Specifications
Primary Cacophony
Type Explosive Sonic
Buster Colors Royal Blue & Black
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"The greatest stumbling block to victory is a dulled mind..."


Cunning and efficient to a fault, and the most extensively upgraded and altered of all the female androids in Dr. Wily's service. During a time of crisis upgraded from a mere infiltration and espionage agent into a Robot Master in the Elite class, Serenade was once considered to be a threat somewhere shy of Bass himself in scale. The passage of time and the progression of technology has left her somewhat behind the times. At the start of her most recent cycle of upgrades she lost the ability to merge with the mechanical wolf, Acoustic, to form the demi-gestalt android Alpha Serenade, but she is nonetheless a dangerous foe due to her intellect. As a tactician, Serenade is more of a duelist than a general, preferring to out think enemies on a small scale. Despite her upgrades into a fully combat capable Robot Master, she has retained her exceptional gift for disguise and talent for mimicry. She is also not above using her talent for duplication and imitation in ways that would cause a person to lose focus in combat, mocking them with images of the departed they hold dear, and more.


Cut Scenes