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Sergei Vladimir
Sergei Vladimir.png
Personal Information
Real Name Sergei Vladimir
Code Name None
Race Tyrant
Gender Male
Birth Date February 23, 2183
Serial Number VOID
Email Secret
Function Military Commander
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Military Commander
Secondary Specialty Tentacling Things
Primary Wicked Blade
Type Blade
Secondary Systema Mastery
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Theme Song

Character Data

"My purpose remains as clear as ever!"


Sergei Vladimir will go to any lengths to achieve his goals. Formerly a Colonel in the Red Army, Sergei was discharged for excessive brutality and was forced to find work in the private sector. He had the good fortune of being an associate of Alexander Ashford, who relied on Sergei's military knowledge to found Umbrella'a paramilitary service, the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS). Sergei was a powerful figure within Umbrella until the Raccoon City incident, and was believed to have been killed while in hiding from the authorities. In reality, Sergei had gone underground alongside Alexia Ashford to assist her in taking revenge against the world. Like Albert Wesker, Sergei has the special genetic makeup that is capable of Tyrant conversion, and at some point was upgraded into his current state. Also like Albert Wesker, Sergei has an accelerated healing factor, but the full extent of his mutation is unclear. Cunning and ruthless, Sergei's fatal flaw is his dogmatic loyalty to Grandmaster Meio, a manifestation of his overall masochistic tendencies. Sergei is rarely seen without his double-ended blade, with which he often cuts himself just to watch himself heal moments later.


Business Administration, Military Science, Languages (English, Russian, Chinese), Heavy Weapons, Martial Arts (Systema), Small Arms, Soldiery, SWAT Tactics, Squad Tactics, Urban Combat, Cutting Himself For Fun, Everything For Ouroboros, Brother To All Tyrants, Replacement Harpuia