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Personal Information
Real Name Serges
Code Name Dr. No
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Mavericks
Divisions X-Hunters
Function Demolitions
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Blowin Crap Up (while simultaneously inventing a new calculus theory of rational equivalents)
Secondary Specialty Calling people \"chap\" way, way too much.
Primary Serges Bombs
Type Explosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman X2
Voice Actor Malcolm McDowell
Theme Song Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner

Character Data

"Would you find yourself huddling around a fire to stay warm - or would you find yourself fanning the flames?"


A brilliant criminal mastermind, Serges was once a lowly library worker in Moscow. He read as many books as he could and digested knowledge, slowly becoming bored of life as a librarian. He came to conclude that Reploids were the next step in the Earth's evolution - not only could they adapt to any environment, but they could direct their own evolution with simplicity and ease, something that humans could not boast. When Sigma's revolution began, he was one of many that flocked to his banner. Serges has made a study of historical and fictional villains, studying their downfalls and how to avoid them. He's skilled at demolitions, intelligence, philosophy, robotics, and many other fields, being a true Renaissance Reploid. Serges feels that the masses are stupid, dull, and flock around whatever personality is most appealing at the moment. They are slaves to their urges and emotions, living like cattle - Serges is only too happy to cull the herd and bring about a new order. He feels that true heroes are above common morality, and he eschews the notion of good versus evil. While he's often content to pull strings from the shadows, he is quite capable of doing things himself, being a powerful combatant and a cunning tactician. He often uses his vast knowledge of politics, tactics, and psychology to function as an advisor within the Mavericks, both to serve the cause and advance his own position. Serges is fond of Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche, as well as the Bond franchise.


Dewey Decimal System, Bond Villain, Demolitions, Politics, Philosophy, Subterfuge, Terrorism, Macguyverisms, Tactics, Knowledge: EVERYTHING, Unnecessarily Slow Dipping Mechanisms Galore


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  • 2214-07-28: The Anchorage Striptease - Blizzard Man attacks Anchorage and is defeated by nothing but a boombox and a pair of underwear.