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Personal Information
Real Name Longwei
Race Strider
Gender Male
Creator/s Grandmaster Meio
Birth Date Unspecified
Serial Number Unspecified
Function The Mighty General
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty God of Battle
Secondary Specialty Philosophical Leader of Men
Weapons Multiple Martial Arts, Serpent Cipher, Ludicrous Durability
Primary Serpent Cipher
Type Blade
Secondary Ninja Dog
Type Physical
Buster Colors Jade & Crimson
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Voice Actor Jason Isaacs
Theme Song Queen - Gimme The Prize

Character Data

"People and society are destined for change."


Serpent's destiny was always to serve at the right hand of Grandmaster Meio. He was born of apparently humble beginnings in Shanghai, where his young life was destroyed by the rampage of Zero. Where his sister Pureri was taken by Ciel, Serpent was taken into the custody of William Wiggin. Wiggin learned of Serpent's special bloodline, and began to train him to be the greatest warrior in human history. Numerous biological upgrades were applied to Serpent to make him even more powerful as he grew, allowing him to quickly outstrip Wiggin in power. When Wiggin was destroyed by a group of Striders, Serpent vowed revenge; and hunted down anyone he could find who was involved. Eventually, Serpent was brought down by his need for vengeance. He was taken back to his true master, Grandmaster Meio, who mended Serpent and instilled him with a sense of greater purpose. Serpent has a strong moral sense, having been raised to become the superior man discussed in Confucian philosophy. However, this moral sense is calibrated around the needs of Grandmaster Meio and the success of the Ouroboros army. Serpent is classically educated, but has a strange, stilted manner of speech; he learned to fight before he learned how to speak. Serpent often appears aloof from others, hesitant to form strong personal attachments for fear of losing more friends and loved ones. One of his strongest desires is to bring Pureri into Ouroboros so they can conquer the world together.


Biology (applied), Business Administration, Covert Operations, Game Theory (some), Languages (English, French, Chinese), Martial Arts (many), Military Operations, Military Science, Ninjitsu, Squad Tactics, SWAT Tactics, Stealth Operations, Urban Combat, Unusual Situation Management, Bursting Out Of Walls, My Ninja Info Card Has Three Names, Conan Is A Good Role Model, Favorite UNIVERSE POWER Flavor: Konqueror Kumquat, Progressing Society By Punching It A Lot



  • The exact breed of his Ninja Dog is 'Complicated.'
  • Unlike some other Ninja, he knows how to use doors.
  • Often makes his own doors for the sake of convenience.