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Personal Information
Real Name Sewa Light
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s Who Cares
Creation Date May 15th 2214
Faction Versus
Function Science Wizard
Technical Specifications
Primary Astral Finish
Type Force Electric
Secondary Railgun From Halfway Across The World
Type Electric
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"I'm too busy for this. Handle it, Coda."


Sewa is a veteran of the robot wars and one of the few that served both as a Maverick and a Hunter without dying somehow. One of the earliest defectors from the Coalition back when the original virus was cured, she formed HeraCorp with the aid of a mysterious Russian benefactor and has been improving the world with social reform, new technology, and industry ever since. Unfortunately despite her success professionally, she rarely received recognition and the limits of her inventions were scarcely pushed. To make matters worse, her children had a tendency to reach bad ends and she suffered from severe inclination towards depression until rather recently. Now she seems to suffer from severe inclination towards audacity.


Nice Whip This Here Is A Navi Operated CODA Weapons Platform, Coda Is A Musical Term That Refers To A Section Of Music That Brings The Piece To An End, It Has Been Appropriated To Stand For Cross Operated Dispute Arbiter, Engineering, Economics, Robotics, Software Development, Its Okay Navis Dont Have Souls I Know Because I Made Sure They Didnt, Cynicism And Sharptongued, Unnerving Symmetry With Dr. Wily, Saved The Reploid Race And Didnt Even Get A Stupid T-Shirt, Morrigans Fault


Sewa was built by the Yakuza to serve as a kind of support unit for the Shadow Hunters. Needless to say, her treatment by the criminal organization left much to be desired and without a solid frame of reference, Sewa presumed all humans were similarly corrupt especially once she was "rescued" by the Coalition of Reploid Freedom and they encouraged such feelings before inflicting the Maverick Virus upon her.

Still, a virus that makes you 'hate humans' doesn't inherently turn you into a serial killer. Sewa believed in responsibility over anything and, seeing herself as a medic at the time, was rather disinclined to violence and as she was not experienced in war in the slightest, tended to get the stuffing beat out of her more than anything if she actually ended up in a fight.

The Maverick Years

Sewa entered the Mavericks relatively early on for someone not presently dead. While she only joined after the Stardroid invasion, the organization was still only a few years old when she joined. The Coalition was a lot wackier back then, more like the Robot Masters in the sense that there was some actual in-faction comradery and some members had souls rather than simply a desire to commit the biggest atrocity possible whenever possible. This doesn't mean that the Mavericks didn't have a tendency to sabotage reploid rights for some reason. In fact, one of Sewa's earliest missions was to help sabotage the robot city 'Paradise Falls'. While she was basically sent to just 'watch', seeing the Coalition for Reploid freedom sabotage a separatist movement was certainly very informative in its own right.

This doesn't mean there wasn't some joy to be found in the Coalition. Some members of the Coalition were actually quite friendly and accommodating for Sewa's presence. They're dead now, or so far underground they might as well be. Sewa doesn't know and hasn't tried to find out.

People like Vile and Sigma were always pretty horrible, though. Sigma even killed his own 'daughter' that he made with Iris's codebase or something without her consent. Sewa was friends with Grace but, of course, she was killed quickly in order to inform people that war was bad, okay?

Sewa's work for the Coalition culminated with her receiving the pendant of Jupiter, a stardroid artifact of questionable purpose. The same pendant would eventually be used to seal away Ra Moon but for Sewa it just gave a power boost which she primarily used to fly through space--something she couldn't do before. Receiving that pendant vastly changed Sewa's fate for it gave her a love of the realm beyond Earth as well as the understanding that she could be something more than just a foot soldier for the Coalition.

During her stint as a Maverick, she developed a dangerous crush on Rock who had been kind to her. This led to a lot of Hunters, Blues and Zero primarily, to stab and shoot her a lot. While Sewa would eventually make peace with Zero, Sewa STILL holds a grudge against Protoman for his actions during this time in part because Blues turned out to be a much bigger monster.

Nevertheless, even though she ended up in charge of the Coalition's science division (largely by attrition) for a time, when the Coalition finally took over territory and the territory they captured turned to shit faster than the Pridelands under Scar, Sewa's motivation for the Coalition reached an all time low with most of her friends dead and the organization turning rapidly much more ruthless. She functionally retired before the heftiest of crimes of the Coalition until the Maverick Virus was cured and she used the opportunity to escape, going to Cossack (who had revived Grace as 'Sasha') for the cure and a chance at a new life.


Sewa may have felt the Mavericks was a cesspool of scum and villainy at this point in her life but she still believed reploids had a rough time of it. Indeed, her anger at the Coalition for its crimes against basic decency and its own kind seemed to be one of the biggest problems reploids had to face. She was angry at how the organization would take advantage of young reploids that didn't know any better and gradually formed HeraCorp to give reploids the opportunity to 'know better' before they made a choice where to end up with their lives. While Sewa believed in free choice and would let any reploid that decided to go 'Maverick' go there--in practice, most ended up seeking civilian careers or careers in Repliforce. The HeraCorp database meticulously catalogued the crimes of both organizations and its prolific members.

Indeed, HeraCorp was seen as the new benchmark for ethical reploid construction and its earliest years were amongst its most successful. Eventually, Sewa was able to gradually buy out and dismantle her cruelest competitors. She was a nobody, but she quickly became a somebody and she did it with the handicap of her past.

During this timeframe she grew closer to the Light family, Rock and Roll in particular, but she never felt like she was really part of the family. Relationship-wise it was pretty tough to get anything started with Mega Man. As family was something Sewa never really had, she figured the best way to get one would be to make a killer robot and have a son. It's what everybody else did. That killer robot turned out to be Scarface and soon Sewa found out he had been funded by Epsilon as a kind of gamble to see if his ideals would attract the young robot.

While Scarface turned out to be something of a disappointment who seemed to care more about Epsilon than his own mother and never even called, Sewa made an offhand decision to include Roll in the construction process and even let her be Scarface's other mom. She didn't know Roll too well at the time and it was likely more out of Sewa's desire to have her own family than it was out of specific love for Roll but as it turned out, sometimes love just arrives a little late. Though there'd be a major hiccup later, Sewa's relationship with Roll rapidly improved to the point of great loyalty and Sewa presently considers her family.

Other attempts didn't work out so well. Scarface scarcely kept in touch after joining Epsilon and even engaged in some (goofy) terrorist acts, Meddy was captured by Robot Masters and reprogrammed into a Hello Nurse cliche, Baroque became a Blackguard of all things, and Rock got afflicted with Spiderman syndrome and attacked the White House as part of some poorly thought out Robot Master infiltration scheme and committed suicide by Wily to stop his latest super weapon (going so far as to refuse help and say more spider man lines).

After Rock died, Dr. Light was nice enough to adopt Sewa into the family but she never really felt like a part of it. This may be because Light shortly committed suicide by Wily afterwards, leaving Sewa feeling betrayed by both of them. This culminated in one last 'betrayal' by Roll who resurrected Rock without talking to her about it, leaving her feeling as alone as ever, particularly since the resurrected Rock didn't remember her and was also a total dick. She ended up dumping Rock himself while in his 'Copy Rock' state purely to salvage what pride she had left. Nevermind that Blues started Ragnarok which made the phrase 'crime family' seem as apt as ever and she feared she just made the same mistake as with the Mavericks once more.

While Sewa was able to salvage her relationship with Roll and frankly ended up closer to her than she ever was with Rock, she still hasn't really ever gotten over her experiences with the other members of the Light family and is hesitant to involve herself with non-Roll members to this day.

Similarly around this time, Sewa befriended Teresa Magrevich. While she didn't know she was a secret illuminati master, Teresa showed such kindness and sympathy to her that she didn't really care. She cared a bit more upon finding out Gemini Man was her husband. Sewa actually was fond of Gemini Man but worried Teresa would end up in a cell, Sewa conspired with Repliforce to arrest him but Repliforce wasn't content with just revealing Gemini Man's identity to the world, they wanted to catch Teresa too. Sewa feeling as she had betrayed one of her few friends, collapsed into a deep depression that only got worse when Teresa was apparently killed at the climax of Ragnarok. It didn't help that Sewa's betrayal of Gemini Man led to him infiltrating the space cruise ship Bright Hope and killing most everyone on board, Ashe being one of the few survivors.

Working For The Future

As Sewa's personal life deteriorated, she struggled to improve the world. Her faith in Repliforce was never strong to begin with and it fell apart quickly with their treatment of Teresa Magrevich and the assassination of the Irregular movement and Epsilon. While that part wasn't done by Repliforce itself, they certainly never went after Australia for its role in events and Sewa wasn't feeling very faithful these days. Her distrust of the people behind that nation resulted in her friendship with Charlie Archer falling apart, culminating in him calling her Maverick which Sewa has still not really forgiven him for.

She sought to make her mark on the world. The idea of using solid holograms as more than just a method to help kill people originated from her but that was back when she was still a Maverick. Now with resources, she was able to help pull Ireland out of poverty, built them a new future city, pushed them into becoming a cybernetic powerhouse by rescuing a cybernetic tattoo artist from Ouroboros's clutches, and introduced the technology to the civilian populace. She hired Orion Corth on who used the technology to improve power armor technology and helped Shane Hunter's rise to power, an unfortunate side effect of Sewa's work that she'll never be sure she can apologize enough for but she does recognize it wasn't an intentional consequence.

Her most novel invention was likely the Navi. While this technology as named existed in other worlds, Sewa significantly upgraded the tech for her world. By effectively removing the DNA Soul from AI while maintaining the intellect one might find in an android or reploid, she effectively managed to create what she feels is an ethical servitor race. No Navi has yet asked to vote or do more than its job but just to be on the safe side, Sewa doesn't abuse them pointlessly.

Sewa also encouraged the creation of Saraband to give reploids their own place but naturally immediately reploids wanted to share it with humans who were thankfully lukewarm on the prospect. She pushed Doppler to surrender to Repliforce for the good of reploidkind and even made it to B Rank Hunter before the organization's collapse. She developed the Pavane system to develop resistance to future viral assaults on a reploid's neural net and while it seemed like family would never really happen for Sewa, at least she could have an impact and in the pro-robot feels of post-Ragnarok, maybe reploids and humans could live in harmony for the most part.

Prismatic Spider decided to show her otherwise.

The Last Of The Fucks

For some reason or another, Prismatic Spider decided to rebel against the corrupt forces of government by attacking Ciel's company. And then stealing one of Sewa's spaceships. You know, because you have to attack someone who has been tirelessly working against government corruption through peaceful means to show them you mean business.

Sewa never liked Prismatic Spider. He revealed the new 'Navi' Sewa had been developing before she had been ready and well he frankly came off as arrogant but this choice came off as simply baffling. Why would he restart this kind of conflict? Didn't he know by now that the battle against injustice was eternal? Didn't he know that trying to solve these problems with science crime would just cause more problems??

Indeed, it soon became apparent how little Sewa's work had managed to do. Thanks to Iron Giarex and Prismatic Spider, it rapidly became totally chill to call any reploid criminal a 'Maverick' and have them be executed. Iron Giarex fueled the anti-reploid movement by massacring citizens and it was Prismatic Spider that gave him the gun to do it. To make matters worse, Prismatic Spider used the HeraCorp method to build his children and most of them went to Nephilim or the Irregulars, proving it was easy to influence such children even if you gave them 'a choice' to criminal ends.

Enraged, Sewa lost her last fuck. Kraft was creating an artificial scarcity in materials used to build reploids and Sewa had been hording up the material to help offset the artificial drought. Rebelling against her own HeraCorp method, Sewa used the opportunity to introduce new reploid legislature that all but destroyed the reploid construction industry, forcing the work into small businesses rather than large ones. The remains were consumed by HeraCorp, who had formed such a deep partnership with Light Labs you could call it one company, and other larger organizations but HeraCorp would continue creating reploids under its newer guidelines. New reploids would be built on an individual basis for families rather than companies and would decide their future from there.

Sewa also, upon learning Teresa was alive again, made peace with her and apologized profusely. They resumed their friendship in spite of Gemini Man's super racism. In spite being fully aware of their criminal nature, Sewa is perfectly fine being friends with them. It's something that happens when you run low on fucks.

Still, after this point, Sewa functionally retired and spent most of her time in Atlantis with Dr. Orihime, who she felt could use the company and with whom she sympathized with, having also lost a love. It was only when a certain succubus encouraged Roll to shout down Ciel that Sewa was intrigued enough to return to a public life.

Science Wizardry and Beyond

The future is still being written!


  • Roll Light - Sewa's closest friend and probably the strongest chain keeping her sane. Sewa loves her more than she ever loved Rock and finds her much more intelligent and interesting. Sewa worries she'll never be able to match Roll in brains.
  • Circumference of Sodium - If she didn't know he was actually from Point Trouble, Sewa would figure he'd be a perfect representation of what a minstrel show would paint a Point Trouble reploid as.
  • Iris - Another good friend. Sewa has a deep respect for Iris and feels she has been treated unfairly by the powers that be. Maybe she accepted her exile for the greater good but fuck the greater good. She deserves better.
  • Felicia - A catgirl. Not malicious, of course, so it's hard to hate her. Indeed, her music can be quite endearing. But at the same time, it's sort of hard to really respect a catgirl. It's why Sewa doesn't wear the ears anymore.
  • Cerisier - A noble dreamer with some fascinating ideas. Sewa thinks she'll fit in well here. Unfortunately maybe too optimistic but who knows? It works for some people.
  • Professor Hector - Hard to get a bead on this guy. He keeps fronting on her but standing up for one's colleagues is hardly a crime. Still, gets on Sewa's nerves.
  • Zero - A vast improvement over the Zero she knew who tended to cut her in half for spending time with Rock.
  • Cadence - It's inevitable for Sewa's kids to die, get reprogrammed, brainwashed, or get really retarded it seems. Cadence hasn't done any of that yet but then again she's not really Sewa's kid. Maybe that'll save her.
  • Shizuka - Cynical but polite, professional but charming. Perfect.
  • Yuna - Perceptive, friendly, cute, screwed over by family. Sewa likes her.
  • Dr. Cossack - Helped Sewa get away from the Coalition. Still owes him one. She can understand the desire to hide away in a giant secret death fortress. It's not a bad idea really.
  • Meddy - Daughter, reprogrammed by Wily, possibly rescued or not. We call it Meddinger's Box.
  • Elec Man - If true wisdom is knowing you're not smart, then Elec Man is the wisest of his brothers. He might goof off, but staying mad at Elec Man?? are you mad??
  • Auto - Not known too well, saved for later.
  • Prismatic Spider - Most infuriating reploid alive.
  • Vile - Once Sewa gained superpowers and Vile immediately decided he should beat her up.
  • Sigma - Despised. He doesn't deserve this second chance. Sigma should be a viral inflicted madman robbed of his sanity and restraint. It's what he deserved. It's what he did to the reploid people. He should be forever seen as a monster. Unfortunately, the world is unkind and almost instantly upon his revival he was seen as the great return of a great hero. What a bunch of morons. The same traits that turned him in the great monster still lie within him. He can't hide it with hats.
  • Luna Platz - It can be inspiring to see someone giving no fucks about the world in pursuit of her own goals. Maybe she should give a little more though for her own sake.
  • Teresa Magrevich - She's compassionate. That's rare. They've both been damaged, even some by each other, but Sewa will fight for her should it come to it.
  • Gemini Man - Sewa can understand having a bad boy crush on him. He's cute, charming, and then he makes a racist quip and she's like 'dammit Gemini Man'. Still, deserves Teresa more than Charlie ever did.
  • Jeremy White, Marshall Rider, Tony Sandoval - Norton Sharp patsies.
  • Morrigan Aensland - What is it about the demons that make them so charming? Perhaps MAN is the monster after all. A bit of recklessness is liberating. She's certainly spiced up Sewa's life, if indirectly.

== Trivia/Facts

  • Sewa, despite wearing a catear headband for a while, prefers dogs. They're more friendly and give more kissies!==


  • Holo Medkit - Sewa's first invention! YAY SEWA! By modern standards this invention is likely quaint but it still leads to Sewa's use of solid holograms today. It's pretty much what it sounds like, using holographic tools in one's medkit so one need not run out of supplies.
  • The Martian Space Mirror -
  • Morrigan Aensland - Marceline

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