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Shade Man
Shade Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Shade Man "Tapes" Wily
Code Name N0S-4-8-2
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN 055
Faction Robot Masters
Function Night Operations
Assignment Aid Junk Man
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Night Operations
Secondary Specialty Dark Lord of the Night!
Primary Noise Crush
Type Sonic
Secondary Vampiric Bite
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman 7
Theme Song

Character Data

"Why shall the intelligent work, when they can make the foolish work for them?"


A sophisticated, intellectual, and all around sinister and frightening Master. Shade Man prefers to trick and manipulate his enemies and friends alike in order to get what he wants. His deep and dark voice with his nature gives everyone a cold chill to be around. Shade Man's attacks mostly come in the form of an intelligent and high class stand point, thus he usually singing out his sonic attacks much like a tenor in the opera. Though this is rare, for Shade Man hardly involves himself in fighting. Usually to stand by idle until he is ordered or forced to fight back.


Impersonating Bela Lugosi, Castlevania-Fan, Blah!, Talent: Violin Playing, Anne Rice Fanboy, Biting Fetish, Deacon Frost Wannabe, Avoiding Girls Named 'Buffy'




  • 2217-04-17: Je T'aime - Alpha & Dynamo go dancing, but Alpha has something more important to share with the duelist.
  • 2227-04-04: Scouting In Monaco - Shade Man meets up with Ihrin while searching around Monaco.
  • 2227-07-19: Enter The Singularity - Bad Magnificent Seven makes a deal with Number Man: Do my evil bidding and change history, and earn Dark Chips.

Cut Scenes