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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Doppler
Faction Mavericks
Divisions Intelligence
Function Infil-Traitor
Technical Specifications
Primary Pulverizer Cannon
Type Energy
Secondary Backstab
Type Blade
Buster Colors Black & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Theme Song

Character Data

"Yes, that's my knife."


Shadow was made by Dr. Doppler as a surrogate for Double. It worked out about as well as you think it would. Constructed to infiltrate the Hunters, Shadow did just that, bringing about the destruction of the Fort Sam Houston with the assistance of the Hunter he converted, Foucalt Matthews. Shadow was also involved in the operation that brought about the death of Thomas Houseman. A cunning infiltrator, Shadow was known for his improvisational ability and seeming fearlessness even when an operation had gone south. In the end, Shadow's distrust of others and inherent desire to betray people left him on the outs from every faction in the crumbling Maverick organization. Destroyed on Able 2, Shadow may only be mourned by his creator. Most surviving Mavericks consider Shadow fortunate to have died in space, well away from the indelicate minstrations of Kraft.


Cut Scenes