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Shane Hunter
Shane Hunter.jpg
Personal Information
Code Name Acid Ace
Race Human
Gender Male
Birth Date 2201
Serial Number Classified.
Faction Unified Army
Function Renaissance Man
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Engineering
Secondary Specialty Being Iron Man
Weapons SH-001 Acid Ace, Superior Intellect, Testbed Weaponry
Primary Cinematic Explosion
Type Explosive
Secondary Hitting The Mark 4 With A Wrench
Type Physical
Buster Colors White & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"We can get the future we deserve, or we can make the future we want."


Shane Hunter lives in tomorrow because he has no yesterday to remember. Raised in an orphanage in San Angeles, Shane has never learned the circumstances of his birth nor the reason he ended up as a ward of the state. His brilliance in math and science was discovered at a young age and cultivated by the UN as part of their ongoing effort to close the "science gap" with the mad scientists of terrorist organizations. Shane surpassed all expectations, taking a special interest in developing powered armor. Shane has been part of the UN's formal power armor project almost from the beginning, though he chose to continue his work in the private sector after the collapse of the Houseman government. As an absurdly wealthy playboy/industrialist/scientist, Shane had lived a weirdly charmed life. When he learned what was truly behind his good fortune, Shane proved himself to be a man of character and conviction. Irreverent and cocky, Shane has a swaggering arrogance that many women find irresistible (much to the envy and irritation of his comrades). Yet Shane is a champion of the common man, and is genuine in his desire to make the world a safer, more peaceful place for everyone.


Badass Bookworm, Badass Normal?, Blacksmith, Brilliant But Lazy, Impossibly Cool Wealth, Jerk With A Heart Of...?, So Many Bad Choices So Little Time


Shane was born sometime around the turn of the century in San Angeles. At some point, he, Tia, and Jack all lost their parents to the horrors of the Robot Wars. Unlike many orphans who fell into foster care, however, Shane was special. The UN could tell, even from an early age, that young Hunter had an exceptional gift for math and science. And so, seeking to use that gift to match the wits of men like Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Doppler, the UN 'drafted' him into a special care program optimized for maximizing his talents.

And so Shane grew up in the UN, working on several high-profile projects by the time he was a teenager. Notably, at fourteen years old, Shane contributed to the development of the original mass production United Nations power armor fielded at Normandy. They were underfunded and nowhere near complete in their development, and it was that day, when Shane heard of the horrors of that conflict and saw the men and women who came back battered--or didn't come back at all--that Shane decided he would change things. No one would ever force his hand like that again, if he had his way.

And that is how Hunter Industries was later born. A pet project of Shane's brilliance once he left the UN and the secretive funding of Ms. Millions and Dealer, Hunter Industries revolutionized mass-production power armor in ways never before seen. Things were wonderful for Shane his crew--for a time. And then the truth came out, and once again his designs were used for terrible things.

But Shane is a man of unflappable, unending confidence. He continues on, revolutionizing war and other industries by the peripheral. He turned Jeremy White's Dual Avatar into something feasible, the Weapon Cross System which provides the user with the ability to Mimic his opponent. The poor man's emulate much as the Weapon Emulation System was the poor man's buster. He is not done. There is still much more of the world which isn't quite right.

In the meantime? There will be booze. Lots of it. And science. More of it. (Maybe).