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Shark Man
The Scott Wily design.
The Scott Wily design.
Personal Information
Real Name Shark Man Wily
Code Name Sharky
Race Android
Gender male
Birth Date Sometime In August 2214
Serial Number SWN 008
Faction Robot Masters
Function Underwater Enforcer
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Surfing
Secondary Specialty Mixing Drinks
Primary Shark Boomerang
Type Blade
Secondary Shark Rush
Type Blade
Buster Colors Blue & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network
Theme Song

Character Data

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."


Shark Man is a Robot Overlord with a vague resemblance to Snake Man. Originally designed by Scott Wily, he was adopted by the Robot Masters after a popularity contest and has proceeded to rest on his laurels ever since. A consummate beach bum, Shark Man excels at doing nothing... particularly if doing nothing involves sandy beaches and an unnatural number of piña coladas. He even speaks in an ancient, unintelligible lingo used by surfers centuries ago. At odds with his relaxed personality is his weaponised anger, which can be best described as a 'feeding frenzy' - all it takes is a whiff of blood in the air and Shark Man turns into a mindless killer. Despite a preference for getting up close and personal Shark Man's primary is the Shark Boomerang, something he's as confused about as you are.


The Foster Kid, What Does He Do Around Here Anyway?, Has Forgotten More About Mixing Drinks Than You Will Ever Know, Beach Bum (Max Level), Occasional Bloodlust, Losing His Car, Not Finding A White Castle, Tanning, Wearing Loud Shirts, Biting Off More Than He Can Chew, Saying Jawsome Unironically




The modern Wily design.