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Personal Information
Real Name Sheena
Code Name None
Race Strider
Gender Female
Serial Number None
Function The Phoenix Resurrected
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Espionage
Secondary Specialty Strider Killer
Primary Judas Cipher
Type Blade Fire
Secondary Practical Stance
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Strider
Theme Song

Character Data

"The only thing that matters is getting results."


Sheena is a genetic construct created as a "prototype" by Grandmaster Meio. What Sheena is a prototype of has never been explained. Over the last ten years, there have been several Sheenas, each one given a specific purpose to fulfill before ultimately being terminated as "flawed". The previous Sheena was tasked with gathering DNA from the actively practicing Striders in the world to create the composite that would form the basis of Hien. That Sheena was killed after a lengthy period as a prisoner of William Wiggin by the Grandmaster to apparently avenge several Striders. The current Sheena has been created for a purpose that has yet to be determined, though she contains most of the memories of the last Sheena. Sheena is absolutely loyal to Grandmaster Meio, as she always has been, though she craves more power. The love of power killed the last Sheena, a fact that Grandmaster Meio occasionally brings to the fore when she strains too hard against her leash. While Sheena has learned the lesson of her past life that disregarding all honor and convention is not always called for, Sheena continues to favor using firearms and other modern technology to complete her missions. Impatient and intolerant of fools, Sheena is not well-liked among her Strider peers. Many are concerned that her purpose may involve harming them, and are cautious around her. Sheena often finds her only reliable ally in the organization to be her fellow construct Hien, who has his own self-serving agenda.