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God Demon Dragon - Shen Chilong
Personal Information
Real Name Yang Chi
Code Name Shen Chilong
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Creation Date Unknown
Serial Number Unknown
Faction Independent
Function Freelancer
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Mercenary Work
Secondary Specialty Performing?
Weapons Martial Arts and Fire
Primary Dragon Temple
Type Explosive Fire
Secondary Gigaflame
Type Fire
Buster Colors Crimson & Dark Magenta
OOC Information
Voice Actor Quinton Flynn - Reno(Axel)
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am Fire and Earth. With these forces, feel my Vengeance!"


Shen Chilong is the twin sibling to Tian Feilong. The two of them were created as a Vegas act for a casino based around China. He was originally known as Yang Chi before he changed his name. Able to use the elemental forces of Fire and Earth, Shen charges into battle with heavy physical attacks and fire mastery. He is the brute force to his sister's more 'gentle' ways and tends to be far more fiery in personality. Shen also tends to be the one more willing to jump in feet first without giving too much thought to his action and tends to be more aggressive. Though he can have his moments of caution and his own subtle ways of doing things. His twin and him can merge into one form known as Kaiser; A powerful gestalt form that combines their elemental properties into one single body. Though such a merging is hard to do and is not a common thing to behold, as it requires them both having to fully agree.


BURNING FINGER, Chinese Knock Off, Dialect Master, Burning Rage, Yang Of The Yin, Stage Show Act, What Happens In Vegas..., Earth & Fire, Not Blood Sweat & Tears, Elemental Force, God Demon Dragon, Mercenary For Hire?, Dragon Express(tm), Its Over Ni-WaitWhat?, Does Not Have Any Dragon Ba-- That May Be Out Of Context, Corny One-Liners, Not Team Rocket, But May Go Blasting Off Again, Can't Fly, Sister's Muscles


Shen Chilong, formally Yang Chi, was constructed along with his 'twin' sibling, Tian Feilong, also formally known as Yin Chi. The both of them were created before the attack on Vegas. They were constructed as a stage show act for a new Chinese Theme Casino. They would be live night entertainment for the crowds for either the stage or help draw in crowds. They were also designed to combine together in order to make Long Dragon; or at least something akin to it.
Though these two super-stars had a very short act in the Vegas strip because the attack soon came, that nearly took them out as well. However from those flames and destruction, the two rose and decided to make the best of what they had left.

Vegas was over, at least for them. They needed the means to survive in the world and they knew from the original design, the best way to live in this war-torn world was by money. In order to make money you had to be skillful and have jobs. Well, they had the skill, just lack the jobs. This brought them both to agree not only to come up with their names now, but to gather what they could, pawn it off, and get aftermarket upgrades.

From here they started small, doing little things and while honing their skills in combat operations and self-repair. Where Tian took the direction of subtlety and medical, Shen went with the direction of strength and intimidation.

They soon took what money they earned, used it to get better aftermarket upgrades and continued down the road of Freelance type work. Aiming to increase their reputation as mercenaries and continue to survive the best way they can. To them, money is still their tool of the trade and who ever is willing to pay them the most zenni for a job, is the winner of their skills.
That being said they hold no loyalty to anyone, outside of themselves. They do try to stay within the rules and regulations while not on the clock for someone. They also try to make sure by contract that if anything shaky happens, that their employer covers the charges. That way it keeps their hands clean (for the most part) and everyone is happy.

Shen is also not worried about their designs or names may upset the Ouroboros, or make them even seem like some kinda reploid rejects from China. If anything, he sometimes takes advantage of this illusion and welcomes it with open arms.
Though this may later lead them into trouble, but for now there future is unknown, but for Shen, he sees their future as being one of riches, luxury, and claim to prize of never having to play the gamble game again..

Or maybe they will still play it from time to time, at least for fun.

As for how Shen ended up with his sister in 0-Unit while they wanted to play free roaming Mercs? It was mostly by circumstance then anything. For now it seems like a good 'business' choice to make, as Zero seems to offer them a good deal of things, such as 'Get Out of Jail free card'. Though Shen is very skeptical of the former Hunter leader and his 'acts' of being a Mercenary. The Vegas reploid however is willing to see how far this set of cards delt out to him will take him before they hit either the Jackpot or bust.


  • Only fights for Zenni (unless you can provoke him).
  • Loves drinking (Mixed Drinks, Mostly Margaritas).
  • Smokes, though has no reason for it.
  • Dragon Temple takes two turns. One for charging, then fires.
  • Does care deeply for his twin sister. Though He'll never admit it.
  • Hates their combined form; Kaiser Dragon.
  • Knows nearly all international languages.
  • Use to be a Vegas Performer.
  • Has a big mouth that shoots off easily.
  • Sometimes can't back up his words, but tries.
  • Has a weakness for little kids.
  • ..and maybe also kittens.
  • Will work for anyone, but limited due to 0-Unit.
  • Anyone can be his friend if they pay him enough!


Yang Chi was his original created name. However he no longer goes by this name and will not answer to it if someone calls him it (or he may get really pissed). It is NOT a known fact, unless someone does a ton of record searching on Shen. I would ask that unless you have a very good IC reason to use this name, to please not use it. It is listed by kindness, nothing more.